Excellent Bowel Movement (BM) Protocol for the Treatment of Constipation

Bowel Movement (BM) protocol

Submitted by the Hernia Coach


First, get 4 or 5 small cotton throw rugs (same size) and place them one on top of the other.
Then fold them in half, and then fold them in half again.

Now position the folded up rugs right in front of the toilet which should be 3 to 4 inches high.

Next, sit on the toilet in such a way that your genitals are resting right on top of the front of the toilet.

Place both feet on top of the rugs about 6 inches apart.

Your back is leaning backwards and against the toilet tank.

Place each hand — palms down — on top of each inguinal hernia region. Gently press down on each side for support.

Now, slowly bend your torso toward going between your knees and, as you do, slowly spread your knees keeping your feet firmly on the rugs.

Continue bending forward, with your back straight, as far as you can comfortably bring your head between your knees.

When you arrive at the maximum point of extension, slowly reverse the motion and gently move your torso backward toward the toilet tank keeping your torso straight all the while.

As you do, gently bring your knees together.

After your back touches the back of the toilet, begin the entire biomechanical motion again exactly the same way.

This protocol should be repeated several times, even if a bowel movement is not triggered, as it will assist with a BM later on in the morning or that day.

This BM protocol ought to be conducted first thing in the morning right after performing the basic Ayurvedic sadhana practices.

Even though it may not work quickly, the performance of the BM protocol will set up a bowel movement (or two) sooner to later, so please be patient.

— — — — —

*Under no circumstances should an individual with an inguinal hernia push out the bowel movement. By over-exerting on the toilet, the risk of protruding the hernia increases significantly. Hence, there should not even be a hint of straining on the toilet; the feces should drop out naturally and without effort.

**There is a specific range of motion in this cycle that is especially stimulating and which triggers the necessary peristaltic wave in the colonic region that will produce the urge to defecate. That key point begins shortly after moving forward off the tank and ends just a few inches later. So, after performing the entire cycle a few times, you can isolate that short range of motion, quickly moving the torso forward and backward in that short range until you feel fee the impulse to move your bowels.

~~~ End of Bowel Movement Protocol ~~~