Light Therapy & Wound Healing

Stem Cell Therapy is the Future of Holistic Wound Healing

Activation of the Stem Cells through Light Therapy is Safe and effective

Note from the Coach: Many folks who have been coached by the Health Coach know that the wave of the future for wound healing lies with Stem Cell Therapy.

We have been researching this highly promising field for years, particularly with regard to healing wounds naturally and quickly.

The following PDF presents one such emergent stem cell therapy using phototherapy that we strongly believe can facilitate with the rapid healing of a wound site. This type of natural self-healing approach is especially needed for open, festering wounds because of how difficult they can be to heal.

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It’s true: longstanding deep wounds often require extraordinary measures to heal; healing them permanently necessitates an even more powerful technique. We believe that the LIFEWAVE patch serves that critical purpose because of its effective stimulation of stem cells at the wound site.

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Wound healing clients are highly encouraged to at least try out one month supply of this revolutionary technology. Applying a “light patch” once every day for 12 hours over a 30 day period will most likely produce the desired effect. Only when a positive outcome can be felt or seen or experienced in some discernible way will an individual’s treatment plan be sufficiently validated to continue with this powerful therapy.

The Health Coach
September 21, 2019

N.B. The PDF posted below provides some the crucial background information any wound sufferer needs to know about the LIFEWAVE bio-technology. However, there is much more to this story about holistic wound application that is provided by the Health Coach in the context of a formal coaching session. Again, feel free to email us to learn more at:

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