Metabolic Syndrome: Why This Epidemic Is Sweeping Across America


And what you can do to stop it

By Robert Harrington
Natural Society

There is an epidemic of Metabolic syndrome sweeping across America. This may not mean much to the average person who doesn’t know exactly what Metabolic syndrome is, but it’s a big deal. 

“Metabolic syndrome is a “perfect storm” of conditions that include high blood pressure, abnormal cholesterol levels, increased levels of blood sugar, and a wider waist circumference .” [1]

Metabolic syndrome has been receiving more and more attention these days, and for very good reason. It represents systemic breakdown in the body that ought to be addressed sooner than later. That is, of course, if the individual is to maintain a reasonable quality of life. Continue reading

Mandatory Childhood Vaccine Legislation Proposed In Congress For Nationwide Implementation


Draconian Vaccine Legislation Blackmails States: ‘All Children Must Be Vaccinated’

SOTN Editor’s Note:
There is perhaps no greater threat to “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness” than the “Vaccinate All Children Act of 2015” bill that is currently wending its way through the U.S. Congress.  The law, if passed, will essentially blackmail every state in the Union into mandatory childhood vaccine compliance.  It requires that every student be vaccinated according to the CDC recommended schedule (see schedule below) in order for the schools to receive federal grants.

This unlawful legislation is part of a two-pronged initiative that is being advanced by Big Pharma in tandem with the U.S Federal Government.  The second prong seeks to vaccinate every adult according to a National Adult Immunization Plan.  Together, these two illicit attempts to blatantly violate the personal sovereignty of every American constitute a highly calculated Super-Vaccination agenda. Continue reading

The 11 Best Natural Antibiotics and How to Use Them

best natural antibiotics

There is no doubt that antibiotics are truly a wonder of modern medicine. Beginning with the discovery of penicillin in 1928, the rapid resolution of bacterial infections from antibiotics caused many in the medical profession to become completely enamored with the drug based approach to illness erroneously thinking that the danger to human life from infections was a thing of the past. Continue reading

Harvard Trained Immunologist Demolishes California Legislation That Terminates Vaccine Exemptions


SOTN Editor’s Note:
The following open letter written by a PhD Immunologist completely demolishes the current California legislative initiative to remove all vaccine exemptions.  That such a draconian and cynical state statute is under consideration in the ‘Golden State’ is as shocking as it is predictable.  After all, the legislation was mysteriously written and submitted shortly after the manufactured-in-Disneyland measles ‘outbreak’.

The indisputable science that is employed by Tetyana Obukhanych, PhD ought to be read by every California legislator who is entertaining an affirmative vote for SB277.  Dr. Obukhanych skillfully deconstructs the many false and fabricated arguments that are advanced by Big Pharma and the U.S Federal Government as they attempt to implement a nationwide Super-Vaccination agenda.

When the California Senate refuses to consider authoritative scientific evidence which categorically proves the dangerous vaccine side effects on the schoolchildren, something is very wrong.  Such conduct by the Senate constitutes a criminal conspiracy (as in a real conspiracy to inflict harm) which endangers the lives and welfare of children.  Their official behavior must therefore be acknowledged for what it is — CRIMINAL — and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

State of the Nation
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All Whole House Dechlorination Systems Are Not Created Equal

VITASALUS Outshines All The Other Whole House Systems On The Market

Robert Harrington
Wholistic Health Solutions

This review of Whole House Dechlorination Systems (WHDS) is especially written for the many holistic healthcare practitioners and medical professionals who appreciate the necessity for clean water in the healing process. A good number of the many alternative healing modalities that are often recommended today require copious amounts of water. Not only is fresh and pure water taken internally, it is also used externally for detoxification baths, aquatic therapy, and daily cleansing showers.

Because so many municipal water supplies have become increasingly polluted, whole house dechlorination systems have become a virtual necessity for optimal health. Water supplies, both urban and rural, are now contaminated with an assortment of chemical toxins and known poisons, pharmaceutical drugs and pathogenic micro-organisms, antibiotics and bovine growth hormones, pesticides, fungicides, and herbicides. Each of these unwanted components ought to be removed before the water flows from any tap in the home. Continue reading

Chemtrail Toxicities And Their Effects On The Brain


What Chemtrails Are Doing To Your Brain –Neurosurgeon Dr. Russell Blaylock Reveals The Facts

Curt Linderman speaks with Dr. Russel Blaylock about the devastating health effects of the chemtrails and geoengineering policies, which have been implemented in secret without public consent.

(ALSO SEE: Thrive’s Kimberly Gamble: ‘We WILL Succeed at Stopping Chemtrails’)

Chemtrails, Nanoaluminum and Neurodegenerative and Neurodevelopmental Effects
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How our emotions effect our energy

How our emotions effect our energy


“People who are unable to motivate themselves must be content with mediocrity, no matter how impressive their other talents.”
Andrew Carnegie, Industrialist

When we are tired, it is hard to communicate. Our thinking cells don’t function and even if we try to continue, the effort and results will be mediocre at best.

It is important to realize that our energy levels are affected by the state of our emotions. And our emotions are a result of our perceptions on our outlook on the events of our lives. (Reread that if needed and let it sink in) Continue reading

Angelina Jolie: Decision to Self Mutilate Sends Terrible Message to Women

Why are so many women being talked into self mutilation?

Robert Harrington
Natural Society

Natural Society has already produced an excellent article by Anthony Gucciardi regarding Angelina’s Jolie’s decision to have her ovaries and fallopian tubes removed based on her doctor’s assertion that she presents a risk for ovarian cancer. Therefore, this commentary will address a different perspective on this truly tragic saga. Continue reading