Teeth Remineralization Protocol

Hidden Secrets Of Rotting Teeth

Take away the teeth… and one’s appearance dramatically changes…

For those who slowly but surely had the sulfur, iodine, boron, and silica from your diet… the following information may be highly welcomed.

Learn these concepts to master the art of restoring your mouth:  Mouth alkalinity, stop coating your mouth in soap and glycerin, stop eating monoculture foods, remineralize with minerals.

1.  Teeth grow in alkaline conditions, and they rot in acidic conditions.

2.  When your mouth is acidic, minerals from your teeth are leeched.

3.  When your mouth is alkaline, minerals can stick to your teeth.

4.  Many commercial toothpastes have fluoride which strips minerals from teeth.

5.  Many commercial toothpastes have glycerin which coasts the biofilm, and thus, blocks the remineralization.

6.  Many commercial toothpasts have soap which washes off the biofim, and thus blocks the remineralization.

7.  There is no need to supplement with calcium… ever!

8.  Commercial monoculture foods will rot your teeth, because your teeth need minerals that many commercial monoculture growers are taking from the soil year after year, do not put all of it back in. and further more… non-organic plants have weaken ability to absorb nutrients from the soil!… Yikes eh?  This is a big red flag that many people are not aware of… if you buy those popular brands and eat that cheap stuff that often isn’t even food, say goodbye to what teeth you have left!

9. Eating cooked acidic foods all the time without living bacteria will also rot your teeth, because your mouth is designed to work, with healthy bacteria.

8.  Remineralize your mouth with this special remineralization mouthwash, that will also freshen up your mouth… big time!



In a glass of water add:

two pinches of bentonite clay

a pinch of borax

4 drops of iodine

Pinch of himalayan salt

One MSM capsule (sulfur)

1 tsp of a magnesium source (epsom salt, cacao, or something)

A few drops of your favorite essential oils, to taste.

To summerize to make it as clear as possible, keep your mouth alkaline, eat fermented, limit consumption of monocultured non-organic foods, get proper minerals into your mouth and swish, keep your mouth clean, but keep but with proper minerals and habits that support healthy biofilm, there’s no reason, all of our smiles can’t get whiter!

Note to coffee drinkers:  If you drink coffee, or anything else that leaves your mouth acidic, simply rinse your mouth with something to neutralize the acidity, and then swish the remineralization mouth rinse… IF YOU DO NOT DO THIS, YOUR TEETH WILL BE SOFT… NOT SO GOOD WHEN EATING ANYTHING HARD….

Of course if you are loving and are inheriting the golden age,  all our mouths and bodies will be completely repaired, no matter how far the rotting has gone.