CIRCUMCISION: Male Genital Mutilation – Part II

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Before we address the parting question in Part I, we thought it would be instructive and revelatory to post information about the actual circumcision medical procedure. Again, we refer to the same excellent website which was created as a public service to this extraordinarily important topic. The following screenshot was taken from

We would like to warn those who are sensitive to graphic surgical procedures that the following series of photos may be quite disturbing. However, a picture is worth a million words in this particular context of advocacy for the most vulnerable among us.  

We apologize if these graphics offend anyone, but try to get into the boy infant’s booties for a moment. Pretty darn frightening indeed, isn’t it?!

The real consequences, however, are those which follow every circumcised male for the rest of their lives. Of what do we speak?

An exposed penis is much more excitable than one which has not been circumcised. The foreskin serves the purpose of protecting a highly sensitive organ which was made that way for a very good reason. When it is removed, friction between the exposed head and either underwear or pants greatly increases the opportunities for the penis to be physically excited. The ramifications of this single completely avoidable life-long predicament are truly catastrophic to both the man and his society.

Especially in an age that is replete with instances of graphic sexual content at every turn does this physical situation take on great significance. For many adolescent boys the constant friction can keep them in a state of constant low grade sexual excitation which will infect every part of their lives. As an example, especially at school where all the coeds sit across the aisle, the distraction from studies can be quite agitating.

A fully exposed penis is a much different organ than one that has not been circumcised, as we just described. There are many other life situations which arise for boys, young adults and grown men which challenge them to a much greater degree because this vital protective barrier has been snipped off.

For those who still doubt that the foreskin play an important part in the workings of the male genitalia, we have posted another excellent excerpt from

In closing we would like to mention that Circumcision Part III will take up more critical issues associated with INFANT GENITAL MUTILATION. As our friends at say, FORGET THE EUPHEMISM … CALL IT EXACTLY WHAT IT IS!

We sincerely thank the folks at for providing the most accurate and thorough description of circumcision on the web. Their clarity and commitment to the truth in this regard is both courageous and inspiring.

May the infants of the world be spared the mutilating procedure of circumcision for all future generations.

With every good wish,
The Health Coach

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