Breast Implants: Silicone Is Dangerous To Your Health

So are other substances and materials found in Breast Implants!

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We did not initially write this piece for the many women in the world who have had breast implants for purely cosmetic reasons. Most of them knew the risks associated with this type of elective surgery, or at least had access to accurate information regarding the potential health problems of breast implants. They have made their choices, and can undo them whenever they so choose although not without consequence.

However, there are thousands of women throughout Europe who have filed lawsuits against the French manufacturer of a defective breast implant product. The great majority of those women elected to have these implants for the purpose of breast enlargement. While this decision was probably taken against the good advice of their own intuition, we do hope to shed light on this emerging health crisis for all concerned?

Why would anyone want to put silicone in their body, especially in an area of the body that is particularly vulnerable to cancer, tumors, fibroid cysts and calcium deposits, among other types of growths and toxic buildups? Wouldn’t common sense dictate not to have a silicone-containing breast implant(s) for this reason alone?!

We do wish to address a serious medical predicament which is becoming more common, particularly in light of the increasing incidence of breast cancer.  There are many women who have had either single or double mastectomies in the wake of breast cancer. This scenario presents an entirely different situation than the aforementioned. It is these folks, and those who have yet to have a recommended mastectomy, to whom we wish to speak in this health session. That’s not to say that this exposé will not be equally helpful for those who did make their decisions based solely on the purpose of breast enhancement.

Any woman who is approached during their post-mastectomy period is highly vulnerable to advice or solicitations to avail themselves for breast implants. It is quite understandable why this would be the case. They are shocked, scarred, hurt and wanting to be ‘made whole’. This tragic situation, not too unlike PTSD, causes them to enter a period of extreme vulnerability. This is when many usually make the fateful decision to proceed with breast implants.

The frame of mind and emotional bearing during this period is very similar to that of PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) and is the primary reason why many of these same women agree to proceed with this ill-advised procedure. If they knew what they were setting themselves up for, they would abandon any such plans in a heartbeat.

A lacerated PIP breast implant

We do not mean to sound insensitive or callous to this highly emotional and delicate predicament. What could be more painful to a woman than to be confronted with such a challenge concerning her sacred body. Clearly, her womanhood and motherhood, her femaleness and femininity are so deeply connected to this trying physical predicament.

However, our deep concern is for the health and wellness of the postoperative, wounded patients, as well as for the uninformed pre-surgery candidate, who do not realize that there are other choices that can be made. In fact, there are options which are much safer, healthy and non-toxic.

The world of oncology has focused their attention on ways to fix the damage wrought by their surgery, chemotherapy and radiation therapies. And breast implants are the ‘only’ alternative as far as many medical practitioners are concerned. They have been conditioned through education, training and mentoring that implants are the only solution to this very difficult situation. Cosmetic surgeons can be both extremely persuasive and unusually aggressive when their reimbursement rates for Breast Reconstructive Surgery are so compelling!

Therefore, we strongly suggest that the patient utilize a different set of criteria before making their final decision about breast implants, especially one that puts overall health at the top of the list of serious considerations.

What is the most healthful approach when addressing the plight of a single or double mastectomy?

There is only one answer: No Breast Implants!  As follows:

Fuel additive used in French breast implants – Report

Special Report: The French breast implant scandal

Brazil to ban sales of French-made breast implants

Dutch Extend Warning on French Breast Implants

When an entire nation bans a certain breast implant product, as seen in the preceding headlines, we think there is a very serious problem indeed. Especially when fuel additives are a part of that problem?!  (“Deceptive steps to shave costs and hide the true ingredients of its devices.”)

Clearly, it is easy to see how such an invasive procedure in such a compromised and vulnerable location will have consequences. When the implants are full of silicone, we can also add toxic side effects and adverse collateral damage to the mix. All taken together, one is creating a recipe for a future heath disaster by opting for the implantation of these toxic time bombs.

Now that we’ve covered the problem, what are the solutions …
…for those who are now in a similar situation to when they had to deal with the original breast cancer?

There are certain protocols which have been developed for the proper and safe removal of breast implants, especially for those which are faulty, leaking or causing toxic reactions, as many do without the individual being aware.

This last condition, by the way, can emerge immediately or over time as the area becomes more and more sensitized to the synthetic, petroleum derived, implant material. Sometimes low grade infections appear; other times there is an auto-immune reaction triggered by the offending substances. Frequently, each person will manifest their own unique response which can variously be described as follows:

• a full blown allergy
intolerance both systemic or localized
• different levels of sensitivity (blood, skin, etc.)

When any of these conditions exist, it is quite likely that they will only get progressively worse. This situation can deteriorate into various auto-immune disorders, especially when there are other co-factors contributing to additional assaults on the immune system. Therefore, the only solution is the expeditious and safe removal of the implant.

Do you really want one of these chemical-laden, synthetic implants in your body for the rest of your life?

Breast Implant Removal Alert

According to some who are well initiated in this field of breast implant remediation, “there is only one safe procedure for removal of breast implants, whether silicone gel, double lumen, or saline-filled silicone implants.”[1]

Furthermore, the same info network goes on to say that: “MOST PLASTIC SURGEONS DO NOT PROPERLY REMOVE BREAST IMPLANTS!!!”[2]

IMPLANT~INFO~NET also offers much sage advice about different facets of this process which ought to be seriously considered as one reclaims their health. Here’s another sample of their wisdom wrought from experience:

“THE PLASTIC SURGEON WHO PUT YOUR IMPLANTS IN IS PROBABLY NOT THE BEST ONE TO REMOVE THEM!! Many times, they are just not skilled in the proper removal technique. Even if they offer to do the surgery for very few $$, it is often unwise to have them removed by the same doctor who implanted you. Loyalty often needs to be put aside in order to have the very best procedure to protect your health and give you good aesthetic results.”[3]


We highly recommend that each recipient of breast implants consider the various concerns outlined throughout this coaching session. Each point can be critical to making prudent, informed decisions which may prove to be life-saving.

In any event, making the right decisions at the right time will most assuredly save you from much unnecessary physical pain and suffering, mental and emotional anguish, and financial outlays.

Perhaps the most important practical piece of this process is to find a physician who you trust. One who puts health and safety above money and expediency. One who truly listens to your concerns and addresses them to your complete satisfaction.

Remember, that for all the same reasons that puts one in the position to come down with the breast cancer in the first place, many of the same issues and obstacles will present with breast implants. We know that no one ever wants to really go there, especially when they know the facts and most likely outcomes.

May you enjoy great health,
The Health Coach

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Breast Implants are dangerous to your health!

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