Chronic Insomnia: Turn Your Bedroom Into A Cocoon

Sound Sleep is Essential for Permanent Healing

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Who in the modern world doesn’t have problems getting to sleep every once in a while?

Who among us is never able to get to sleep, even when they’re exhausted physically and mentally?

It is the latter case to which we speak: however, even if you enjoy sound sleep you might want to listen … carefully.

During each night that the body sleeps much occurs of which we are completely unaware. There are myriad processes of repair and rejuvenation which take place which are vital to how we will feel the next day. Deep and restful sleep creates the optimal environment for all of these internal healing and detoxification mechanisms to occur with efficiency and success.

In fact, so much goes on during sleep that it is way beyond the scope of this session to fully discuss.

Suffice to say: WE ALL NEED OUR SLEEP!  And very deep sleep at that.

Especially during these stressful times when inordinate demands are placed on body, mind and spirit.

This is Part I of our series on Insomnia and perhaps the most important. Important because it will speak directly to a major co-factor of chronic insomnia.


The Bedroom Needs To Be Dark, Noiseless, Clean, Peaceful, Free of Toxicity….

We start with all our clients by showing them how to turn their bedroom into a COCOON. Think about a cocoon for a moment. This imagery ought to portray just how cut off from the awake and active world that you want to be during your night’s sleep. In the cocoon, you’re aware of nothing going on in the outside world, because all intrusive stimuli have been effectively removed from the environment.

What are we talking about? Do you think your room is currently a haven for deep sleep. If yes, then excellent! Let’s see how it passes our Sleeptime Stress and Stimuli Test

• Is there any light showing through or from windows, blinds, curtains, cracked doors, night lights, digital clocks, cell or smartphones, computers, watches, TVs, etc.?

• Are there any electronic devices turned on in the room all night long?

• Is the bed made of metal or wood? “Metal conducts electric currents; wood does not.”

• Is the bedroom cluttered and disorganized or simple and free of anything unnecessary toward getting to sleep?

• Is there a constant source of sound emanating from radiators, electronic devices, outside activity, toilets, running faucets, etc?

• Is the floor covered with wall to wall, throw rugs, tile or wood floor?

• Is the bedding old or new? Are the pillow fresh, aired out and cleaned regularly?

• Are the pillows and covers, sheets and blankets made with 100% cotton or synthetic materials?

• Does the mattress have an impervious, smell-free mattress cover?

• Is the ambient air temperature throughout the bedroom hot or cold, warm or cool?

• Is your sleeping area directly exposed to a vent which outputs heat or cool air?

• Is there a telephone in the room, and is the ringer turned on?

• Are there air vent filters in the bedroom vent grills?

• Are there any pervasive smells, odors, fragrances which are unnecessary and distracting in any way?

• Does anyone in the bedroom snore at night?

• Is anyone “up and down” all night long?

• How is the Feng Shui of the entire bedroom. Is the room used for multiple purposes?

• Do you sleep alone in your own bed, or with a spouse or partner?

For the true insomniac, this list is not exhaustive. There are more questions to be asked, but these are the most common issues which we have seen over many years. If you are in a multi-year chronic insomnia condition, you ought to very serious consider each of these question.


A Simple Response To Each Question

Each of these questions deserves a thorough response. Instead we will share some of the details of our bedroom environment and sleeping arrangement which has been carefully sculpted over many years.

#1 All light sources have been removed — one digital clocks is covered every evening to block its light.

#2 All sound sources have been removed, except for an air purifier which has a nice drone that cuts out all background noise.

#3 There are NO other electronic devices, telephones or equipment in the room. Electro-pollution and stray EMR output can be very unsettling.

#4 The bedroom is always clean, orderly and uncluttered; the feng shui feels good. There is NOTHING in the room which is not necessary. All pictures and statues promote peace and harmony.

#5 Mattresses have appropriate covers to deter dust mites and dust mite doo-doo from being a problem.

#6 Pillows are all cotton fill and covered with either barrier cloth or 100% cotton covers.

#7 The temperature is never too warm or cool. It is modulated before sleep time since this is a HUGE reason why many toss and turn.

#8 The humidity is moderated on dry, cold winter nights with a warm mist humidifier.

#9 Both individuals have their own bed and are able to address their own uniques needs concerning blankets, pillows and special props to feel comfortable and supported.

#10 Whoever gets up at night does so with great respect for the other. No lights are turned on or noise generated by any means.

#11 The bedroom is only used for meditation and sleeping.

#12 All smells and fragrances from essential oils, soaps etc. are aired out and always kept to a bare minimum in the bedroom.

#13 Snoring due to sleep apnea, eating dairy, nasal obstructions, etc. are dealt with appropriately before this big problem for both parties becomes a very BIG problem, which it will always become if left unaddressed.

How are we doing? Are there any red flags which have gone up in your sleep space? If so, how will you respond to them?

Creating a bedroom which is truly conducive to sound, peaceful sleep always takes time, initiative and imagination. Very, very few have it perfect in the bedroom. Because of that fact of life, it is imperative that you be as creative as possible in constructing a conducive environment. Truly, it’s all about putting the odds in your favor 100% of the time. That’s because ————————————–>

There are so many other uncontrollable factors and variables that also have to be dealt with. We leave these co-factors for the next coaching session. In the meantime imagine the bedroom becoming a cocoon. That’s how you want your environment to be. Safe, secure, sound, quiet and totally supportive until you arise in the morning.

For those who subscribe to Feng Shui, here is a quote from an excellent resource that is worth consulting as you create your perfect sleep space.

“The best Feng Shui bed room tip that a Feng Shui expert can offer you is to have your bed in ‘command position’. Feng Shui believes all types of energies on the earth fall in two opposite categories, yin and yang. Once you understand this you can understand the logic behind the best Feng Shui bed room tip offered here.”



Remember, that it all comes down to putting the odds in your favor in every way possible. The space in which you sleep has much more effect than many are aware of. Becoming aware of this truth can be the very first step toward reclaiming your good night sleep.

May you enjoy great health,
The Health Coach

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