June 4 Lunar Eclipse: Why To Avoid Looking At It

Since we published our health session on both solar and lunar eclipses, there have been many good questions posed and comments posted on the internet. With the lunar eclipse coming tomorrow, Monday, June 4, we would offer the exact same advice as we did for the recent solar eclipse.


From a Vedic astrology viewpoint, eclipses are considered inauspicious events which can be used as opportunities for spiritual transformation. The astronomical event itself represents an occlusion of the light of a major luminary and therefore a diminishment of light traveling to the earth realm. This is why the ancients understood these luminary occultations to be omens and forebodings of things to come. For those who were able to connect the astrological dots, things did happen (often unfortunate in nature) which confirmed their enlightened astrological understanding.

That doesn’t mean that those who properly utilize these windows of spiritual opportunities can’t reap the rewards of a much more significant kind. This is why the wise men/women and spiritual mentors of the East have alway counseled prudence and appropriate conduct before, during and after an eclipse.  

In fact, throughout Vedic astrology people are encouraged to engage in silence and spiritual practices during the time of an eclipse. The benefits of prayer, meditation, chanting, self inquiry and selfless service are all heightened during the two to three days before and after any eclipse. Especially during the actual eclipse itself are these practices recommended whenever possible.

Even if you are actively engaged in a busy outside work environment exposed to the eclipse, you can always repeat your chosen mantra. The point is that these regular events can always be used for the advancement of your spiritual evolution, as well as for the upliftment of the community by those who have positive intention and perform right conduct.

The movement of Monday’s eclipse is shown below by the graphic below from NASA. It does indicate that much of the Western Hemisphere will see the eclipse at moonset. Therefore, this is the period of time to be particularly conscious and respectful. Definitely not the time to be out watching the moon’s light being veiled.

Provided by NASA at: http://eclipse.gsfc.nasa.gov

We are quite fortunate to be given an advance notice regarding the exact times for every aspect of all lunar and solar eclipses. Therefore, why not use the information/data in a way that best serves your health and well-being.

For a much more in depth treatment of this subject, you may want to read the following health session posted before the last solar eclipse:

Solar and Lunar Eclipses: Don’t Watch Them!

Please be aware that, like all major astrological events, profound happenings can occur on both the macro and micro level. We constantly see much of what can go awry on the macro level throughout any nation or society, which is based on the collective karma of those various groupings of people. However, whether events take a turn for the better or worse, individuals can always experience spiritual growth and profit in meaningful ways on the personal (micro) level.

By way of an example, what follows is an astrological forecast from a highly respected Vedic astrologer concerning the June 4 lunar eclipse. We typically stay away from disseminating this kind of information, but do so for illustration purposes only:

“June 4, Mars squares the degree of the Sun and Moon during the Lunar Eclipse. Anger and disputes are mounting. People will be on edge for it will be a very [precarious] time for the United States. There are plots of [dangerous] activity brewing.”

This astrology reading is by no means a concrete prediction, only a gathering of energies which can create a conducive climate for such activity and feelings to occur. However, this type of intensity can also provide a junction point for breakthrough and resolution. Whether an event takes place that is positive or negative, each person has a choice about how they will relate to it. Subsequently, every drama in life can be used for the highest good by an individual who is awake, aware and appropriately responsive. Therefore, whatever occurs as the result of an eclipse can always be alleviated, since perceived outcomes are always a function of our attitude and spiritual maturity.

During these times of unprecedented revelation and national awakening in the USA, there is bound to be anger and frustration and quarrel around many issues. How could there not be?! Therefore, we see many for the very first time taking back their power, standing in their own truth and speaking truth to power as never before. This can be quite liberating for both sides of the equation. If used positively, it can serve as a trigger for much needed transformation both within and without.

The Birth Chart Tells The Story

Each individual’s birth chart portrays their general life story. In this astrological blueprint are contained the seeds of one’s destiny waiting to sprout in the perfect moment. Seen from this perspective, eclipses can be viewed as catalysts which catapult our consciousness to a different level. Whereas we usually would not choose such a vehicle for transformation, the Higher Power sees to it that we will put in a crucible of sorts at least for a moment.

Click here for the BIRTH CHART of a very famous person whose life was reflected by the stars.

We can’t so much determine what happens to us or around us. An eclipse demonstrates this fact. Even the eclipses that occur just before and after our birthday imprint us with energies that can be as karmically consequential as they are guarantor of future prosperity. In either case, we can always choose how we will respond to our destiny. This is where our attitude can shape our future in a way that will promote our highest good and greatest development.

However, this process of self development requires our active involvement while being detached and dispassionate from the outcomes. Truly, such a yogic perspective can free us of all that ails us in body and mind, heart and soul. While the physical karma may still be there to experience, it is really more like an old energy pattern which continues to exist in our bio-field, but no longer has a hold on us. All events then roll off us like water off a duck’s back.

This is the best approach to take toward eclipse energy: take the negative and transform it into a positive, however and whenever the occasion presents. Here is a nice synopsis from jyotish vidya:

Eclipses (According To A Vedic Astrologer)

By the way, photos capture the energy of the event in profound and mysterious ways. Therefore, it is also highly recommended that one does not indulge in looking at pictures of an eclipse. No, it is not nearly as powerful as the actual event taking place in real time in the sky, but it can, and does, have an effect which you would want to avoid.

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