Drugged Bath Salts: Dangerous and Deadly

If you haven’t heard or read by now, there is a certain type of bath salt on the market which is both dangerous and potentially deadly. Dangerous because of the powerful drugs they contain; potentially deadly because of the behavior they can induce which can get you killed.

Think we’re kidding? This is very serious business, because of the number of young people looking to get a quick and easy high.

Here’s a short data sheet from MedTox Clinical. Their notice refers to three specific drugs which are found in this new generation of bath salts that are sold primarily online, and also on the street. 

SOURCE: www.medtox.com/

While the preceding notice does not offer the results of Medtox’s clinical tests, it does say enough that would compel every rational person to avoid these drugged bath salts like the plague.

That the offending drugs contained in these bath salts are even known as “synthetic cocaine” and are “produced in clandestine laboratories overseas” should set off all the alarms. Likewise, that they are a preferred choice in “rave and drug clubs” is also a HUGE reg flag.

Here’s a quite compelling message from the Director of the National Institute on Drug Abuse:

“Bath Salts” – Emerging and Dangerous Products

“Mephedrone is of particular concern because, according to the United Kingdom experience, it presents a high risk for overdose. These chemicals act in the brain like stimulant drugs (indeed they are sometimes touted as cocaine substitutes); thus they present a high abuse and addiction liability. Consistent with this notion, these products have been reported to trigger intense cravings not unlike those experienced by methamphetamine users, and clinical reports from other countries appear to corroborate their addictiveness. They can also confer a high risk for other medical adverse effects. Some of these may be linked to the fact that, beyond their known psychoactive ingredients, the contents of “bath salts” are largely unknown, which makes the practice of abusing them, by any route, that much more dangerous.”[1]

From the same “Message” we offer the following excerpt for those who may be vulnerable to unwittingly purchasing these drugged bath salts online. It is important to know what names they go by. Internet “bath salt” companies are all grouped into one category in a Google search. Therefore, it is very possible that an online shopper could purchase these drugged salts and not even know what they’re buying.
BUYER BEWARE when doing this type of purchasing online.

“Bath Salts”, the newest fad to hit the shelves (virtual and real), is the latest addition to a growing list of items that young people can obtain to get high. The synthetic powder is sold legally online and in drug paraphernalia stores under a variety of names, such as “Ivory Wave,” “Purple Wave,” “Red Dove,” “Blue Silk,” “Zoom,” “Bloom,” “Cloud Nine,” “Ocean Snow,” “Lunar Wave,” “Vanilla Sky,” “White Lightning,” “Scarface,” and “Hurricane Charlie.”[2]

When sold on the street, young people are especially susceptible to the street ‘marketing’ and sales pitches which often accompany such solicitations. Sold in little plastic packages with benign-looking colored designs, they are often misrepresented to the initiated. Especially during these times of economic depression and high unemployment among the youth, it is tempting for them to spring for a much cheaper high. When it is touted as the poor man’s cocaine, the buyer feels he or she is getting a great deal for a great high.

Enticing packages of drugged bath salts

What are bath salts? Acadia Hospital doctor explains dangerous new trend

Just what other ingredients are in these bath salts?

The much more serious problem with these kinds of drugged bath salts is that you never know what you’re getting, particularly when you buy them on the street. After all, the street market is completely unaccountable. It is worked by those who are desperate for money and have no ability to perform the ‘due diligence’ on their products. Quite frankly, most of these characters don’t have a clue about what other dangerous chemicals, synthetic additives and toxic ingredients may be included in their prepackaged drugged bath salts.

This fact alone should give rise to great caution when approached by anyone on the street hawking their likely tainted cache of bath drugs. You can never know in advance, unless you own a lab, about the content and quality of such lab-produced bath salts. Therefore, using these salts while soaking in bath water will always allow whatever else lurks in the formulations to gain easy access into your body. The skin is highly absorptive, especially when the pores are open while sitting in warm bath water.

Surely, no one would ever want to expose themselves to this kind of unknown, would they?!
Unfortunately the young, especially when they’re “broke, busted and disgusted”, are quite vulnerable to making the bad decisions that might lead them down this very dangerous path.

These drugs are called synthetic cocaine because of their addictive quality.

This is why extra special precaution should be taken by anyone purchasing bath salts, on the internet or from any other source. The powerful addictive qualities associated with the potpourri of drugs found in these bath salts is perhaps the most serious aspect. Should a user who is already predisposed to this type of addiction fall prey to this drug-selling scheme, they could set themselves up for a lifelong addiction. Any cocaine addict will tell you how challenging such an addiction can be.

In closing:
This health coaching session has been more of a warning announcement in light of the recent event that took place in Florida[3]. So shocking was it that it is clearly the ‘Universe’ sending a message to all concerned to stay clear away from all of these synthetic designer drugs.
Simply put: They’re dangerous. They’re terribly destructive to physical and mental health. They can inflict long term psychological damage. They’re potentially deadly.
What else needs to be said?!

May you enjoy great health,
The Health Coach

[1] “Bath Salts” – Emerging and Dangerous Products by Nora D. Volkow, M.D.,Director, National Institute on Drug Abuse (Messages From the Director: February 2011)

[2] “Bath Salts” – Emerging and Dangerous Products by Nora D. Volkow, M.D.,Director, National Institute on Drug Abuse (Messages From the Director: February 2011)

[3] Face-Eating Attack Possibly Prompted by ‘Bath Salts,’ Authorities Suspect
ABC News – By SENI TIENABESO (@senijr_abc) MIAMI, May 29, 2012

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