Comfort Food Syndrome: Letting go of foods that ail us

This blog, as you will soon see, is meant to be a bit melodramatic. It is designed to show us all just how difficult it is to break free of those foods and beverages and medicines and drugs which greatly contribute to our ill health.

Truly, it is often the case that those foods which we habitually ingest are the very same ones which bring us much of our pain and discomfort. They are also usually the very last items that we will consider as the source of our physical problems.

Crazy, isn’t it?! But it’s the way this very game is set up.

Our Comfort Foods end up bringing us anything but comfort in the end. And the clinging to them for dear life will often push us into a state of Comfort Food Syndrome

Typical Comfort Foods

Truly, our food/beverage/drugs are the last thing anyone ever wants to give up, especially when life is stressful and challenging. We have learned to gravitate to those foods which bring us comfort and good feelings.

However, when we overindulge in these treats for years and decades, they do finally catch up with us. Even still, we persist so much so that … … …

You can do this or that to Man or Woman, but DON’T ever try to….

You can steal a man’s car,
Foreclose on his home,
Secretly run off with his wife,
Ruin his reputation … for good,
Fire him from his job without justification,
Break his riding lawn mover,
Crash into his sailboat,
Shrink – beyond repair – his favorite jammies,
Or burn a hole (through all three layers) in his only three-piece suit,
But don’t ever try to change his diet!

You can hijack a woman’s car,
Foreclose on her home,
Abscond with her husband,
Forever sully her reputation,
Give her a pink slip without any warning,
Smash into her golf cart,
Capsize her yacht,
Give away her designer handbag to Goodwill,
Or leave multiple hot iron marks on her favorite designer silk dress,
But don’t ever try to take away her preferred foods!

What’s the point here?

The older we become, the more attached we become to our ‘favorite foods’…the more difficult it is for us to break with them even when our quality of life suffers terribly from eating them…even when they have been proven to be highly detrimental to our health, and may even bring about our death; we still cling to them with all our might. Don’t we?

Crazy, isn’t it? Not really, considering the fact that many of our strongest food addictions can be explained as the very basis of Comfort Food Syndrome. Sometimes the very foods, which we crave and can’t do without, possess subtly addictive qualities. Sometimes these naturally occurring chemicals take the form of opioids — psychoactive chemicals that work by binding to opioid receptors in the GI tract. For instance wheat, dairy, sugar, and soy all possess addictive components. In an extreme case, tobacco belongs to the Nightshade Family, known as Solanaceae, and even some of the foods that we eat from this family have been proven to contain nicotine, albeit in very small amounts.  Nevertheless, nicotine is one of the most addictive substances in existence.

Like we said earlier, you can take just about anything from a person, but DON”T try to take away their favorite foods, preferred beverages or drugs of choice, be they pharmaceutical, nutraceutical or recreational. And, this is often where the root cause of sickness is found.
Which is why it can be such a challenge these days to heal a longstanding injury, cure a chronic disease or eradicate a lingering ‘childhood’ illness that just won’t quit.

Something to think about –

With every good wish,
The Health Coach

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