Multi-Infection Syndromes: Scourge Of The New Millennium

Multi-Infection Syndrome — What is it and Why does it occur?

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After years of exposure to pollution, heavy metals, insecticides, toxins, chemicals, contaminants, poisons, radiation, GMOs, etc. the human body does come to reflect the environmental profile of the locale we live in, food we eat, beverages we drink, as well as pills and potions, capsules and lotions.

Each of these different inanimate invaders, when not properly detoxified, finds a home somewhere in the body. Depending on what it is, they each gravitate to a different tissue, organ or body part. After months or years of accumulation in a specific area of the body, an altered environment is created whereby it becomes hospitable for various pathogenic micro-organisms to make a home.   

As an example, when nickel accumulates in the scalp of a man, it draws a particular parasite which lodges in the hair follicle. This is how male pattern baldness occurs. The parasite ultimately destroys the hair follicle.

When two or more pathogenic micro-organisms inhabit the same corrupted space it is called a co-infection. If the consequent disease process is allowed to advance unimpeded, it can evolve into a full-blown multi-infection syndrome.

AIDS, CFS, ALS, MS, MD, Morgellons, Mono, Lupus, Fibromyalgia, Lyme, Epstein Barr, Candiadisis, Huntington’s Disease and other Multi-Infection Syndromes

Many of the alphabet soup diseases — you know the many New Millennium Maladies — fall squarely into this category. They are chronic, degenerative diseases that usually have an autoimmune dysregulation component. So difficult can they be to diagnose that oftentimes two individuals with the same set of symptoms can have two completely different diagnoses, legitimately so.

An example of a multi-infection syndrome is one that is frequently found in those who have an overgrowth of candida albicans, chronic acidosis, mercury poisoning and/or toxicity, leaky gut syndrome and a diet replete with ‘opportunities’ for parasite contamination. The infection component is defined by systemic candidiasis and/or parasitical infestation(s) throughout the GI tract.

Incidentally, it appears that candida, especially the pathogenic mutant form, loves mercury. Where there is mercury in the gut, there is often candida overgrowth. Where there is systemic candidiasis and mercury poisoning, MS (Multiple Sclerosis) and other debilitating diseases often emerge.

That’s enough biology, pathology and etiology for now. All you really need to know is that this entire disease process can easily be mapped out by those who have the right knowledge. The step-by-step breakdown is as follows:

(1) Toxic contamination of the local environment in the body occurs under the radar for an extended period of time

(2) Pathogenic micro-organisms pile on one after another in the same area over years of neglect and assume a subclinical profile

(3) The localized site evolves into a full-blown breeding ground, experiencing more toxic accumulation and unaddressed infection before becoming systemic

(4) A co-infection then often develops into an intractable multi-infection syndrome which may include bacterial, viral, fungal, parasitical or mycoplasma components

(5) What started out as a single toxicity in a signature point morphs into a systemic multi-infection syndrome caused by “hypertoxicity”

(6) Numerous other co-factors conspire to ensure that the syndrome moves in the wrong direction as the key risk factors elude identification

(7) Until the greatest risk factors are properly identified and addressed the individual sits (or sleeps) in a limbo of sorts until they get really sick and tire of being sick and tired.

(8) AIDS, CFS, ALS, MS, Morgellons, Lupus, Fibromyalgia, Lyme, Duchenne MD, Huntington’s disease, etc. are examples of multi-infection syndrome

(9) Many of these syndromes can and do co-exist in the same body, and therefore can elude diagnosis because so much is going on

(10) Once the body is accurately mapped out on both sides of the fence – toxins and pathogens – getting back to the destination of wellness is made easier

Each of these named diseases possesses a similar set of toxic accumulations in the body, as well as similar “microbial cocktails” which inhabit the polluted and vulnerable tissues and/or organs. Therefore it is easy to confirm exactly what you might suffer from, IF you do your homework.

Remedies and Resolution

Dr. Hulda Clark and Hanna Kroeger, two of the greatest healers in American history, were fastidious in their work and research concerning these New Millennium Maladies. They conclusively uncovered the many relevant correlations — between toxin and pathogen — which are referred to in this discussion of Multi-infection Syndrome.

Furthermore, they determined that once the pathogenic micro-organisms were definitively identified, the toxicities involved could be identified. This same sleuthing works in the reverse direction as well. Then, one can set about the process of eliminating one or the other, or both at the same time.

Depending on the severity of the disease process there are many effective detox protocols, alternative treatments, and healing modalities which can be quite effective in addressing these intractable multi-infection syndromes. All of them should be considered carefully in view of the overall health condition of the infected individual. The exact status of all biological markers and vital data should be acquired prior to embarking on a wide-ranging treatment plan.

For instance, if mercury is present in vital or delicate organs, doing a mercury detoxification program is a very important decision. Performing one may be the perfect approach; it could also end up creating a new and more serious health condition. Whenever you mobilize mercury in the body, you risk sending it to a place where it is more dangerous to human health than where it previously sat!

Do you really want to do that? It all depends on how you do it. And, how efficient the detoxification pathways in the liver are, the transit time through the GI tract, general bowel health, among other very significant considerations.

Here’s another potential or unforeseen difficulty: If you focus only on eliminating a bacterial or viral infection with all the best options available, you just may push the individual into a Herxheimer reaction or worse. The resulting die-off, if done too quickly, can aggravate all the existing symptoms and add more to the list, especially if they have been in a toxic overload situation for a protracted period of time. Also known as a healing crisis, detox reaction and cleansing reaction, this response by the body is indicative of too much, too fast.

The key point here is that each person is called upon to develop some serious body consciousness when confronted with a Multi-infection Syndrome. Ultimately they need to be in charge of their journey back to wellness. As they are diagnosed and treated, coached and counseled, they really ought to peer deeply into their being, on every level, so as to ferret out the root causes as quickly as possible. Here’s why:

Back to our example of candida and mercury. If you only seek to kill candida all day long, which many do, without addressing the other components like mercury, or sugar addiction, or intestinal flora imbalance, or emotional temperament, or repressed anger in the liver, etc., then you will eventually over-compensate with candida-killing agents which will eventually produce unintended consequences, toxic side effects and collateral cellular damage. You don’t really want to do that, do you?

So, be thoughtful and long-term in your thinking when engaging any particular protocol, self-healing program or treatment regimen.

In conclusion, we recommend a focused, pro-active and balanced approach when dealing with a full blown Multi-Infection Syndrome. By reading the right books, going to informed websites, consulting with experienced and knowledgeable practitioners, and doing your own self-help routines and daily practices you will make GREAT progress. Having faith and patience will add immeasurably to to the eventual success.

Above all, be initiative-oriented as you alone must be present for duty if these health challenges are to be overcome

With every good wish,
The Health Coach

Axiom of Healing:
“Clean up the internal environment and all the little bugs will leave on their own.”
When there’s nothing for them to eat, they’ll go find a new restaurant.
You get the picture. This journey back to wellness is alway quicker and more permanent when we systematically remove each and every co-factor contributing to the condition. This takes heightened perception, self-observation, and a refined intuitive grasp.
You can do it … one day at a time. This journey, and its a challenging one, is best taken one step at a time.

For those who just found out they have a Multi-Infection Syndrome, we highly recommend the following:
Diet, as always, can be corrected immediately.
Light exercise, deep breathing, nature walks, hatha yoga, and meditation can also be included in the daily routine.
The avoidance of all negativity like TV news, shock radio, newspaper print and distressing movies is also highly recommended. In this way the mind can be cleared of unnecessary stress and stimuli, and the body will more easily relax allowing for a more rejuvenative mode of being.

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