How To Holistically Remediate An Inguinal Hernia

Holistic Hernia Remediation Coaching Letter

Volume 2

Hello again to everyone who has emailed The Hernia Coach.

by The Hernia Coach

We sincerely hope that all of you had the opportunity to read Volume 1.  That first session sets the stage for all that follows in this holistic hernia remediation process.

Holistic Hernia Remediation Coaching Letter — Volume 1

This is our second and most important Hernia Coaching Letter for those who want to know what the key ways are to heal an inguinal hernia holistically and naturally.

Each one of the following means, measures and modalities can be useful to permanently heal an inguinal hernia.  None of them should be left out of a serious self-healing program.  The Hernia Coach utilized every single one of these in his ever-evolving hernia remediation program.

What is critical to understand is that hernias are so challenging to cure that the odds must be put in favor of a spontaneous healing.  Many have reduced their hernias for a day, or a week, or even a month or two or three; but to effectuate a durable cure is the real mark of success.

With that said, the more folks shirk “this” dietary restraint or avoid “that” yoga posture, the less likely they will produce a longlasting cure.  The underlying philosophy of this holistic hernia remediation process is well explained in the following “Introduction”.  If you haven’t already, it is highly advised that every hernia sufferer read this essential coaching session before proceeding.

How To Heal An Inguinal Hernia Naturally — WITHOUT SURGERY



The Top 25 Things To Do (And Not Do)
For Holistic Hernia Remediation

When Healing an Inguinal Hernia Naturally

  1. DIET — Please be aware that the right diet is critical — really critical — to healing a hernia. What the Coach has determined from both his own case and working with many others is that there are foods and beverages, pharmaceuticals and nutraceuticals which directly contribute to the formation of an inguinal hernia.  Anyone who underestimates this crucial cause/cofactor will NOT be successful unless they are extremely lucky.  The point here is that ultimately every hernia sufferer is compelled to determine what they might be eating or taking which caused the blowout.  With or without a coach, the process of ferreting out the dietary cofactors/causes of the hernia can be accomplished through rigorous self-observation.  There must be a genuine commitment to following the truth of the matter no matter where it leads.  Why?  Because often we must give up our comfort foods in favor of the bitter medicines many of us have avoided taking all of our lives.
    We will quite likely lose a lot of folks right here on #1 because many lack the discipline or willpower to accurately perceive their destructive dietary habits.  Even fewer are willing to act on their astute perceptions which indicate that they must give up their favorite foods and drinks that are really hurting them.
    The bottom line here is that it was likely something in your diet that set up the internal environment for the hernia to occur.  Just an FYI, that it took the Coach almost six years to correctly identify the single food supplement that was the primary cause of his hernia.  Once that was eliminated from the daily intake, the hernia healed quite quickly.
    The most important thing that any hernia sufferer can do in this regard is to conduct a comprehensive food allergy test.  Foods that you are allergic to and intolerant of MUST be identified ASAP!  Some folks have mild sensitivities or serious hyper-reactivity to certain foods or beverages, pharmaceutical drugs or nutraceutical medications.  That’s exactly what set up the predicament for The Hernia Coach‘s hernia.
  2. MASSAGE — The castor oil massage is perhaps the single most important healing modality that can be performed in this self-care process.  Edgar Cayce was right when he said that castor oil has many medicinal qualities, some of which may never be understood.  He recommended castor oil packs and castor oil massage for inguinal hernia, among many other ailments and injuries.  For hernias the circular massage over the hernia site is far superior to the heat pack for the following reasons.  A significant factoid about castor oil (also known as Palms Christi or Palm of Christ) is that it is deeply penetrating, perhaps more than any other oil.  This is why it is great for hernia repair—it goes real deep into the HARD- TO-GET-AT pelvic floor.
    A vigorous but gentle massage will bring urgently needed circulation deep into the hernia site. This is exactly what the injury requires, as do all injuries.  A daily castor oil massage permits the deep penetration of the abdominal floor as well as all the supporting tissues.  And castor oil goes deeper than any other oil, especially when heated with a castor oil pack in advance of the massage.  The musculature, tendons, ligaments, fascia and other connective tissues are profoundly affected during the massage for the following reasons.
    Like any injury, the challenge is to hyper-oxygenate the hernia site, as well as to deliver all the necessary nutriments that are required to rebuild the area(s) of weakness.  The natural healing process cannot occur in earnest without these —oxygen and nutriments.
    The massage will also effectively facilitate the removal of the carbon dioxide, lactic acid, and other waste products.  More significantly, massaging regularly will assist in the detoxification of various chemical toxins which can concentrate in that area because of the hernia’s proximity to the colon. It will also help dislodge scare tissue and adhesions that may form.
    Make no mistake about it, massage can be the silver bullet for those who choose to do nothing else.  Medicated castor oil massages on top of a base of applied arnica oil or comfrey oil can also be very effective.
    For those who cannot make the time for a castor oil massage, doing a short massage in the shower — EVERYDAY — is the next best thing.  It’s best use Dr. Bronner’s Peppermint Pure-Castile Liquid Soap applied directly to the hernia site(s).  Massage for as long as you can while facing away from the shower water so as not to dilute the soap.  Peppermint has the extraordinary quality of drawing out toxins, chemicals, and other contaminants which often accumulate in the pubic bone region.  I massage both left and right sides in the shower to keep then detoxed on a daily basis.  Our soap mixture is cut 50/50 with purified water, as the peppermint can be a little strong for sensitive skin.
  3. HERNIA BELT — Wearing the right kind of truss and/or support pad CORRECTLY is also very important.  The Hernia Coach has developed his own system which comfortably and sufficiently kept the protruded hernia fully reduced.  This is essential if one is to avoid the dreaded adhesions from forming at the site.  Once adhesions do form, they are not easy to break down and they will prevent a natural healing.
    Just as importantly, the right truss will prevent the hernia from bulging during times of vigorous outdoor activity, exercise or demanding work around the house.  Simply put, when you’re standing or walking, you ought to be wearing your personalized truss.  Therefore, wearing the right type of 100% cotton hernia belt (aka truss) can only be made in a makeshift way.  The following video will give you an idea of what we are talking about.  We do have some important additions to this method which will accelerate the healing process.
    VIDEO: Improvised Hernia Belt
    Traditional hernia belts never seemed to work well, and most are made of synthetic materials which are a real no-no.  Putting those elastic fabrics on the skin right next to the hernia will only provide an opportunity for the petrochemical derivatives to migrate into the skin upon perspiration.  Petroleum byproducts will not help, and will likely impede the process.The Hernia Coach offers specific coaching on the phone for those who require a tutorial given the size, shape and location of their hernia, as well as their unique physical characteristics. Each person requires their own custom-made hernia belt which can be purchased on the Internet and then improvised in a special way.  This piece of the process takes some creativity and imagination, by the way, if you are to do it yourself.


    Our hernia belt system utilizes a long cotton yellow shawl and special way of tying it around the hernia site.

  4. HOMEOPATHY — Perhaps the best way to treat the emotional component of inguinal hernias is through specially formulated homeopathic remedies.  Remember, each person has a different temperament.  Everyone has their own predominant emotional state and mental condition.  Hence, there is not a one-shoe-size-fits-all type of remedy.  However, what we have found is that Arnica is indispensable in the healing process.  Likewise, for those who sit too much (like The Hernia Coach), Nux vomica is another vital homeopathic remedy.
    There are also those homeopathic formulations which seem to align with many individuals who sustain hernias.  One generic formulation which has produced excellent results for some includes Aurum met, Aesculus, Cocculus, Nux vomica, Pituitrinim  Sulphur, and Morphin.
    The ideal approach is to find a competent homeopath who can do a high integrity assessment.  In this manner, a series of remedies may be prescribed over the course of the entire healing process.  Emotional releases are often taking place during some of the deep body cleanses and these remedies can help enable a liberating and permanent release of emotional baggage that weighs you down.
    The following guidance for different types of hernias is consistent with our direct experience. The homeopathic remedies that are recommended should be verified by a licensed homeopath, if possible.  Homeopathic Remedies for Hernia
  5. CONSTIPATION — This particular issue — both acute and chronic constipation — should actually be #1 on this list.  For it is compulsory for every hernia sufferer to lick this problem, once and for all.  You all know what happens when you evacuate your bowels in the morning — the hernia sometimes disappears altogether, yes?  In fact having a bowel moment is the quickest and easiest way to reduce the protrusion for many.
    Why is that?  The abdominal physiology is set up so that when the colon is full of fecal matter, it will exert pressure on the hernia site thus causing it to bulge.  When the weakness has been properly strengthened this bulge does not occur.
    Therefore, it is of utmost important to do two (2) things.  First, the constipation must be successfully addressed through diet, colon cleanses, gallbladder flushes and gentle herbal laxatives.  Dietary laxatives are also an integral part of any hernia remediation diet.  Here’s an example of one of the best.
    Beet Borscht: A Natural Way to Cleanse the Colon and Congested Liver
    Not only do beets decongest the liver and the gall bladder of gallstones, they clean out the bile ducts which then gets the bile flowing again.  Low bile flow equals chronic constipation.
    The Hernia Coach is also a Health Coach and conducts a lot of nutritional counseling regarding constipation.  Everyone has their own version, but with a little sleuthing those offending foods can be easily identified so that regularity can be completely restored.
    There are also various prohibitions about what not to do when sitting on the toilet, especially no forcing.  There is a very effective body movement/motion that stimulates colonic peristalsis which then precludes the tendency toward forcing bowel movements. We will cover that in a future letter.
    In the meantime, keep the bowels as empty as possible and void the urinary bladder whenever nature calls.
  6. HATHA YOGA — There are some extremely powerful hatha yoga postures which hernias respond quite well to.  All of the inverted asanas are good because they immediately remove the downward pressure on the hernia site.  Doing those on a regular basis will not only bring instant relief when performed correctly, they will also help the tissues remember where they’re supposed to be situated.
    There are other postures which are quite effective for strengthening and toning the inguinal ligament, working the inguinal canal and isolating the pubic area.  Each of these serves to bring much-needed circulation into the whole region.
    Hatha yoga will also stimulate the production of various hormones because of the effects that the asanas have on the different endocrine glands.  Those glands most directly involved with the hernia will begin to work again so that the nervous system will then cooperate.  Just like massage, hatha yoga precipitates very positive changes within the human body in subtle ways that no other exercise workout can do.
    Again, some individuals can perform certain postures while others cannot.  This is where The Hernia Coach can walk the person through a routine that works for them.  Many times special aids and asana variations must be employed to permit an effective hatha yoga routine, particularly for this with physical limitations.
    Many don’t have time to correctly learn or regularly perform hatha yoga postures.  Therefore, if there is one asana that the Coach would HIGHLY recommend, it is Mahamudra.  This particular  asana — Mahamudra — was strongly suggested by a highly respected hatha yoga master from India specifically for inguinal hernias.  It was the one posture that the Coach always tried to make time to do. For the best Mahamudra instruction available, please click on this link: MAHAMUDRA.



  7. CIRCULATION — Maintaining optimal circulation in and around the hernia site is critical toward experiencing a permanent cure.  This point should really be #1, it’s that important.  All injuries and wounds require optimal circulation to properly heal and an inguinal hernia is no different.  Actually, it is different in that inguinal hernias require even more and better circulation.  Why?  Because the source of the injury is deep in the lower abdominal cavity.  It involves a variety of tissues that, once injured require extra circulation to rebuild and strengthen.  This is why massage is so effective.
    What every individual ought to do is query themselves about every action and inaction they perform with regard to one vital question.  Does what I am doing increase or decrease circulation to the hernia site?  This is the single most important component of a holistic hernia remediation program.  Do you get it?
    If you wear a leather belt or any belt, stop using them, they CUT OFF CIRCULATION.  Wear suspenders or improvise however you must.  If you wear tight pants, buy some baggy pairs, especially those that are loose around the waist.
    Tight elastic underwear is strictly forbidden.  Not only does the tight elastic band restrict needed blood flow and lymphatic circulation, the synthetic material leaches petro-chemical derivatives into your skin, particularly when you perspire and the pores are open.  These toxic compounds are exactly what you don’t want anywhere near the hernia site.
    If your work requires sitting at a desk all day, take periodic walks around the office or the building.  Do some light stretching or simple hatha yoga, if the environment permits. Likewise, if your lifestyle is sedentary, move as much as you can.  Even if it is housework or yard work, these will keep the circulation flowing.
    This is where the Kegel exercises can come in very handy when driving long distances or sitting for extended periods of time.  Kegels are not only for woman who need to strengthen their pelvic floor after childbirth to prevent a prolapse, they are also very good for reversing male inguinal hernias.
    Perhaps the most powerful healing modality on Earth is known as HOT & COLD Water Therapy.  What makes it so very special?  It increases circulation even better than massage. Hot water relaxes and dilates the blood vessels of the circulatory system; cold water causes them to contract.  By alternately aiming hot and cold water directly at the hernia site, deep circulation is stimulated at the core of the lower abdomen.  The vascular system throughout the pubic bone can likewise be flushed with penetrating circulation in this manner.
  8. POWER WALK — The Power Walk (PW) is perhaps the best aerobic exercise for working the hernia site.  This complete exercise, when performed CORRECTLY, will accomplish many essential goals at once.  When sustained as an aerobic activity for at least 20 to 30 minutes, the heart and rest of the circulatory system receive a thorough workout.  The pelvic area gets a lot of much-needed movement which encourages the release of toxins from the adipose tissues and undigested proteins from the joints.
    When the arms are swung from side to side vigorously and rhythmically, the Power Walk functions as an exercise for lymphatic drainage, as well as functioning as a liver massage.  As a matter of fact, a Power Walk serves as the single best exercise to completely cleanse the lymphatic system.  There is no better or more efficient exercise to perform this imperative task of cleaning the lymph.  The lymph and lymph nodes must be cleaned regularly, particularly when remediating a hernia.  Because there is no lymphatic pump like the heart is to the circulatory system, the upper body can use some help; hence, we recommend swinging the arms up and down, or right to left so that a makeshift pump is created.  If you feel you cannot do this in your neighborhood, then go to the nearest park or school track.  Just do it regularly and you will see a difference.  Please read:  What’s The Best Way To Cleanse The Lymphatic System?
    Breathing fully through your nose on the in-breathe and through your mouth on the out-breath should be done evenly and consciously.  Ideally, it’s great to visualize breathing pure oxygen down (and prana) into the abdominal floor.  Now you know why they call it pranayama.  With each breath you take in life-giving prana, the etheric elixir that saturates the air we breath.  It is the ultimate healing substance on Earth and yet very few even know about it.
  9. COFFEE ENEMA & GALLBLADDER FLUSH — This little miracle modality may sound crazy to some, but please take it from the Coach.  He performed many over the years just prior to the final healing.  Coffee enemas not only clean out the colon, they especially aid in detoxifying the liver.  The hepatic circulatory system, in particular, receives a thorough cleansing which restores and enhances the detoxification pathways of the liver.  HOW TO PERFORM A COFFEE ENEMA
    There is one very important caveat for those with hernias and that is you should only hold as much enema fluid as you can without adversely affecting the hernia site.  If hold water causes the hernia to protrude more, then these are not to be done.  Gently and consciously expelling the coffee enema is quite imperative.  This is where everyone has to find their own measurement, backing off from the coffee enema prescriptions which are traditionally given.
    The coffee enema is then followed by a chlorophyll flush of the colon which nicely detoxifies the colon and rejuvenates the tissues.  Nothing revitalizes like a coffee enema followed by a chlorophyll flush.  The precise protocols will be covered in more detail in a future letter.
    Another excellent way to detoxify the liver, the gallbladder and bile ducts is to perform a seasonal gallbladder flush.  This procedure will help you eliminate gallstones, hardened bile, cholesterol, chaff and all sorts of other liver sludge that clog up the bile ducts, collect in the gallbladder, and congest the liver so that normal bile flow is impeded.  Impaired bile flow always causes constipation, even if it is low-grade constipation.  Here is the best Gallbladder & Liver Flush that we have ever conducted, as many of our clients have too over the years.  GALLBADDER FLUSH AND LIVER CLEANSE PROTOCOL
  10. SUPPLEMENTS — The Hernia Coach is not too keen on loading up on too many nutraceuticals.  They tend to be overtaken by many who then suffer the same consequences as those who take too many pharmaceuticals.  This is entirely true, so our recommendations are very focused and studied in this regard.
    Zinc, vitamin D, Collagen-building precursors, and natural vitamin C from food sources are the basic essentials that the hernia site needs plenty of.  So is a food-based silicon and a mineral supplement which contains the right proportions of Calcium-Magnesium-Phosphorus-Boron. The body is practically knit together with calcium so that needs to be bioavailable and in ample supply.  Especially for those who are in high stress home environments or high pressure jobs, magnesium needs to be present. Adequate magnesium levels in the GI tract can also be a guard against constipation.
    It’s very important not to take too many supplements as they can cause new problems, some of which may affect the hernia site adversely.  Too much medicine is almost always worse than too little.  Here’s a relevant discussion of the matter:  OVER-COMPENSATION: Are you breaking a basic law of healing?

  11. TEN COMMANDMENTS OF EATING — As for the “Ten Commandments of Eating” for a successful hernia remediation, the following are presented in the order of impact; however, each ought to be obeyed as much as the others, and as practically possible without stressing about them.
    Commandment #1 is Thou Shalt Not Overeat
    Commandment #2 is Thou Shalt Not Eat Gas-Producing Foods.
    Commandment #3 is Thou Shalt Not Eat After 6 PM Finished by 7 PM at the Latest 
    Commandment #4 is Thou Shalt Not Eat Foods That Produce an Allergic Response
    Commandment #5 is Thou Shalt Not Eat Meat, Dairy, Wheat, Or Sugar
    Commandment #6 is Thou Shalt Not Eat Processed, Junk Or Restaurant Food
    Commandment #7 is Thou Shalt Not Drink Alcohol, Smoke Or Take Recreational Drugs
    Commandment #8 is Thou Shalt Not Overtake Prescription Or OTC Medications
    Commandment #9 is Thou Shalt Regularly Take Food/Beverages Which Supply Probiotics
    Commandment #10 is Thou Shalt Drink Your Food And Chew Your Beverage[1]
    And then there is also—>
    Commandment #11 is Thou Shalt Strictly Obey The 10 Commandments Shown Below
    We fully recognize that food, drug and alcohol addictions can play a big part in all of this.  The Health Coach suffered from a sugar addiction that totally wrecked and ruined his life; ultimately for the better, of course.  Therefore, we highly recommend that you read the following two articles.
    • How Overcoming Your Addictions Can Be A Stairway To Heaven
    • Overcoming Our Addictions: Challenge of a Lifetime(s) 

  12. BREATHWORK — There are various types of breathwork which can greatly accelerate the hernia healing process.  Traditional yogic breath is perhaps the best type to master as much as one can. It accomplishes many of the things that we’ve talked about in this letter.  Hyper-oxygenation of the tissues deep in the hernia site is of paramount importance and yogic break will greatly assist with this.
    Likewise, moving the internal organs with breath work will also help with maximizing the circulation and moving toxins out of the area.
    There are also different kinds of pranayama which can be effective for stimulating some of the key glands which have influence over the healing process.  These same glands also interact with the nervous system which must be functioning efficiently in the region of the hernia.
    The most important type of Ayurvedic breathwork one can perform is known as Full Yogic Breath. Because of how this ancient and time-honored technique works the entire hernia site (and beyond), it has been used quite successfully — over millennia — to heal hernias.  This full breathing process flushes the hernia site with oxygen and increases the circulation in profound ways. As follows: Full Yogic Breath: Pranayama For Healing An Inguinal Hernia
  13. BOWEL MOVEMENT — Performing bowel movements in a manner that is anatomically sound is absolutely imperative for this approach to be successful.  For it is straining on the toilet over years, maybe even decades, that set up many for their hernia blowout.  Therefore, this particular root cause must be addressed immediately, as well as for the rest of your life.
    Squatting is the most natural way to defecate, but the Western toilet does not make that very easy.  The Coach has developed a bowel movement process and toilet posture that, when adopted, will stimulate peristalsis so that the bowel movement happens of its own accord. This is the ideal — that the evacuation of the bowels will happen so naturally that you didn’t even know it occurred.  In other words you were not required to push or force it one bit.
    The Welles Step is a must for some people.  The Coach used it for years, but recently evolved a little different method.  This is something that must be explained in great detail in a coaching session.  A future coaching letter will also be dedicated to only this topic.
  14. HERBAL REMEDIES — There are different herbal remedies that can be effective in contributing to a natural hernia repair.  Each herbal formulation is designed to produce different effects.  The TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) formula is a little different from the Ayurvedic one. Shamanic herbalism varies from the Unani Medicine.  We found the Unani system to be particularly effective in rebuilding the tissues involved with the hernia.
    The Unani Phoenician Balm and Hernosan from Botavie are high integrity products which can be used as prescribed.  Each remedy works on a different aspect of the weak tissues at the hernia site.
    There is a famous Chinese formula known as HernEase (Wuhui Kushan) which is also quite good for increasing the circulation, especially of the Qi, among other necessary herbal actions.
    There are several Ayurvedic formulae, each of which acts on a specific part of the digestive physiology and/or function.  Ayurveda rightly isolates the digestive process as the primary cause of hernias and addresses the various cofactors related to compromised digestion. Three of the best herbal treatments are Trikatu churna, Praval pishti, and Godanti bhasma as follows: Ayurvedic Medicine for Hernia
    Another Ayurvedic formula designed specifically for inguinal hernia is Hernica.  The Coach has not had personal experience with this product, but has read several positive testimonials about it.  The individual herbs listed on the following ingredient list each posses the properties identified and perform the actions noted.  Therefore, it may be worth a try for those with constipation, flatulence and/or bloating. Hernica
    Native American medicine and folklore have greatly contributed to Western herbalism. Perhaps the most important herb in this process for the Coach was the periodic use of OLIVE LEAF.  This herb basically functions as a broad spectrum natural antibiotic.  It is therefore quite effective at addressing many of the low-grade infections (bacterial, viral, parasitical, fungal, mycoplasma, etc.) which often persist subclinically in the GI tract.
    Plant Spirit Medicine (PSM) is a powerful modality for “purging the demons”, as they say.  In this way inviting the benevolent spirits to play their part in the healing process can occur without the interference of negative forces which are sometimes at work.  Those whose ancestry is related to the Indigenous Peoples of the Americas are encouraged to walk down this path, as it works DEEPLY on the emotional level as it does on the whole psyche.
  15. PILATES — Pilates exercises are well-known for working the CORE.  And, yes, it is the core muscles and other tissues that must be strengthened and tonified in order to rid oneself of their hernia.  There are numerous Pilates exercises which serve to strengthen this hard-to-work and rarely worked area.  The Coach used various methods but started off with the various exercises clearly delineated at The Hernia Bible. The preceding link provides a good number of gentle exercises that most can do without pain or discomfort.
    The key issue here, as you slowly and gently perform these exercises, is that they do not cause pain or worsening of the hernia.  Everyone’s hernia is in a different state of healing or degradation, depending on one’s response or lack thereof.  By and large the Pilates workout ought to be done with as much regularity as possible.  The Coach made a laminated copy of each of the 13 exercises and did them religiously over a the entire period of remediation–6 years.
  16. SPECIAL SPICES & HERBS — For those who are still eating the all-American diet, this is a very good time to consider expanding your dietary horizons.  The East Indian spices are absolutely critical for addressing the digestive imbalances which inevitably occur with the typical American cuisine. In fact, if you choose to do nothing else on this list, this “Special Spices” recommendation may hold your secret cure.  How so?  Because with inguinal hernias, as it is with ALL hernias, the real cure is in the kitchen.
    Please pay very close attention to this issue if you suffer from chronic indigestion, constipation, hiatal hernia, acid reflux, irritable bowel syndrome, spastic colon, candida overgrowth, parasitical infestations, food allergies, intestinal dysbiosis, leaky gut syndrome. etc. or any of the other common digestive ailments plaguing America.
    Taking Fennel powder or lightly baked Fennel seeds after the meals will reduce flatulence, as well as burping and belching.  There are some excellent TCM food remedies called congees in a book titled THE BOOK OF JOOK that includes a rice-fennel congee or recipe.  For those who have persistent gas all through the day, this recipe, although quite simple, can work wonders. It’s called Fennel Congee.  Healing Porridge – Congee
    As for the very special Ayurvedic spices that ought to be included in the diet on a regular basis, these include cumin, turmeric, coriander, fenugreek, mustard seed all mixed together as a curry powder.  Likewise, there is another mixture of sweeter spices called garam masala which includes ginger, fennel seed, caraway, cinnamon, clove, green cardamom, black cardamom, nutmeg, and black pepper.  Other excellent herbs and spices to use are hing (asafoetida), ginger, basil, ajwan, and garlic, especially in cooking the foods for your main meal.
    Let’s not forget the sacred aloe vera plant.  Pure natural aloe vera gel scooped right out of the aloe leaf is how we recommend taking this elixir for the colon and intestinal tract.  Not only does aloe help naturally relieve constipation, it also heals the damaged mucous membranes which occur from celiac sprue disease and other GI tract ailments.  If you can’t grow your own aloe vera plants, then purchase the whole leaf at the grocery store/supermarket. They grow like a weed in the American South and require virtually no tending to.  Just make sure you purchase the plant that produces the food grade aloe vera.  They also produce a beautiful bright salmon (orange, yellow and red flowers that is quite pleasing to look at.


    Aloe Vera Plants in Bloom (COPYRIGHT 2007 JEFFREY FRIEDL)

  17. DAILY PRACTICES — If you’re not doing these already, each of these essential daily practices is non-negotiable and compulsory.  In other words, you never miss doing these each and every day of your life.  First and foremost, the tongue must be scraped every day of your life, first thing in the morning upon waking, especially before coffee or tea.  This practice removes toxins that build up on your tongue overnight which YOU DO NOT WANT TO SWALLOW.  The exact method is described here: 3 Morning Essentials — EVERYDAY!
    Secondly, drink a large glass of warm fresh spring water or distilled water or purified water. This flushes out the kidneys and stimulates the morning bowel movement.  It also serves as a mild GI tract cleanse before you take breakfast.
    Thirdly, either shower or take a bath or at the very least perform a foot bath to clean the night-time waste products which accumulate during sleep.  These subtle toxins concentrate on the feet and should be washed off at the beginning of each day.
    Fourth, performing certain body stretches/postures and especially movements which BRING THE KNEES TO THE CHEST.  This should not be performed by those who cannot due to pain or bulging and always with the hernia belt on.  There is no better way to stimulate peristalsis than by executing knee-to-chest exercises, postures, movements, and/or stretches.  The Surya Namaskar hatha yoga routine is particularly effective for those who are ambitious in the morning, and can safely perform it (hernia belt must be tight and secure over the hernia site).  Surya Namaskar (Sun Salutation) Step by Step

  18. BOOK REFERENCESThe Hernia Coach has evaluated many different books and manuals, handbooks and essays on holistic treatments for inguinal hernias.  The best book reference is titled DEFEAT INGUINAL HERNIA by Dr. Shiv Dua.  There are other books on this subject, each with different perspectives and insights, which are also quite helpful.  We will be recommending those titles and authors as we conclude our assessment of them.
    Because the real cure is always found in the kitchen, the following books are essential references for those who understand that their food is their medicine … and their best medicine is their food.
    Healing With Whole Foods by Paul Pitchford
    AYURVEDA: A Life of Balance by Maya Tiwari
    The Yoga of Herbs by Dr. Vasant Lad
    Ayurvedic Healing by Dr. David Frawley
    Alkalize Or Die by Dr. Theodore A. Baroody
    The best book — EVER — on reversing constipation was written by Swami Shivananda under the title: CONSTIPATION: IT’S CAUSES AND CURE.
    Make no mistake about it, a durable cure for hernias — all types of hernias — is always found in the kitchen.  Truly, “The Cure Is In The Kitchen”.
  19. COUGHING & SNEEZING —  Along with coughing and sneezing, blowing the nose and releasing rectal gas, it is imperative that these all be performed in a fashion that does NOT exert downward pressure directly on the abdominal floor.  When the Coach blows his nose, he puts his foot on the toilet lid or the bath tub ledge and leans into the side where the hernia is located.  When he coughs or sneezes he performs a partial squat so as to take all the pressure off the hernia site during the cough or sneeze.  Anal gas is released very gently and slowly while bending over in a stable position.  When laying down, the knees are first brought toward the chest before releasing the rectal gas
    The key point with all of these what we call “natural urge postures for hernias” is that there is utterly no downward pressure being experienced on or near the pelvic floor.  Otherwise coughers and sneezers, nose blowers and gas passers will be forever blowing out their hernia. There is much more explanation on this for those who have one-on-one coaching sessions because this was the primary trigger for The Health Coach‘s hernia.
  20. SLEEP HABITS — The optimal sleep habits for hernia remediation include loose, comfortable sleepwear that is made of 100% cotton or genuine silk.  No synthetic materials should be next to the body — EVER!  There should be no tightness around the waistline so as not to restrict circulation.
    The best way to sleep is on your back.  If sleep apnea is a problem, then sleep on the side opposite your hernia.  This allows the hernia to completely reduce itself during the all-important hours of healing.  The nighttime is when most of the real repair work is done by the human body, because it isn’t scattering energy which occurs during daytime activity.  The deeper the sleep, the deeper the repair.
    There should be no hernia belt or truss or support pad worn during sleep, unless absolutely necessary.  Maximizing circulation is crucial during sleep and these don’t assist with that. Advanced and/or complicated cases ought to have a dedicated coaching session or consult with an integrative physician (osteopath, naturopath, chiropractor) about the most appropriate responses to hernia conditions that require night-time intervention.
    There should be no electronics in the bedroom.  No TVs or big screens, no cellphones or smartphones, no computers or laptops.
    Bedding should be clean, as well as sterilized from time to time.  All sheets and blankets should be made of natural fibers.  No dust mites should be living in the bedding, especially in the pillows, mattress or box spring.
    Background lights and bright clock dials should be removed or covered.  Yes, your good night’s sleep is that vital toward healing the hernia.
  21. ELECTRONIC DEVICES — Any information technology devices should never be on or too close to the body.  No smartphones in the pockets or against the body, unless unavoidable.  No battery power wristwatches or credit cards in the wallet that are placed in the pockets.
    If you work in an office environment, do not sit right next to electronic equipment of any kind. Be situated as far away from the powerful office computing equipment, copiers and fax machines as possible.  These can produce  EMFs ( electromagnetic frequencies) which can greatly interfere with the body’s natural bio-electrical field.  Constant expose to such EMR (electromagnetic radiation) can wreak havoc in the both body (and mind) and cause a variety of serious health conditions and medical ailments.
    Likewise, powered yard equipment should never be held close to your body.  Actually, the most ergonomically correct way to use the weed-whacker is to embrace it very close to your body; however, the EMR output is not what you want to be exposed to.  The Coach actually uses an old-fashioned manual swing blade, which also happens to provide a great workout.
  22. ATHLETIC ACTIVITY — This is where a lot of weekend warriors and aspiring Olympians acquire their hernias, yes?  They are out there on a cold fall day moving heavy furniture around without warming up or lifting way too much for their weight.  They are skiing slopes well beyond their level of skill or playing very rough touch football.  Some are just playing too much tennis or racquetball.
    While this kind of aggressive activity is often the trigger that precipitates the hernia protrusion, and not the true cause or predominant cofactor, it MUST still be kept in check. Every hernia sufferer must know their physical limits.  If they don’t, they are obligated to learn them real quick.
    As for sports in general, here again only the individual knows what they can SAFELY get away with. There are certain sports that can be very beneficial; there are many which are not.
    Make no mistake about one thing and that is that the aspiring Olympians are at great risk due to overdoing it.  We have seen a number of bicyclists, marathoners and decathletes who have suffered from various types of hernia.  It’s called way too much “wear and tear” which eventually causes the abdominal floor to give out.  There is an American tendency to go too fast, too far, too much, which then creates physical breakdowns and exaggerated imbalances. If not corrected, these imbalances will always manifest … sooner or later.
    Disciplined power walks, hatha yoga, Pilates exercises, gentle stretching — these are the best for now.  Belly dancing is also very good for those not at risk for hernia enlargement.  There are other dance movements which are also quite helpful at dynamically isolating those core muscles involved with hernia formation.
    By and large, team sports are not advised at all, whereas some gentle individual sports can be helpful when they are NOT performed competitively.
  23. STRESS-REDUCTION TECHNIQUES — Establishing a daily meditation practice is just one way of reducing the stress in your life.  This excellent stress reduction technique will also assist in the actual healing process because of the subtle positive changes which occur throughout the body’s chakra system.
    A vigorous power walk will help blow off steam, just as a safe and light weight workout will. The hernia support is always worn especially tightened and well placed over the hernia site during these and other physical activities.
    A dance workout to positive, uplifting music will work wonders in different ways.  Anything that raises the endorphin levels of the body naturally can be quite beneficial.
    Creative visualizations and deep contemplations concerning your true wholeness and past perceived fracturedness, respectively, can move you through unseen mental and emotional obstacles.
    Consciously practicing deep breathing during times of stress and strain is extremely helpful. There are other types of effective breath work which may suit your temperament or lifestyle. Each of these serves to still the mind and calm the emotions.  The Breathing Book by Donna Farhi is an excellent book reference.
    The key point here is that you find a good fit for you.  There are numerous stress reduction techniques out there, some very simple and easy; others require a little more practice. As follows: Relaxation Techniques for Stress Relief
  24. COLOR THERAPY — Because of the uniqueness of the hernia injury, there are various alternative therapies which can be particularly effective.  Color Therapy is one that the Coach used extensively throughout the period of remediation as he continues to up to this very day. In fact the yellow theme of this website was purposely chosen for its effects on your entire being as you read this letter.
    Each color produces a different effect on the body and mind.  Likewise, each of the main colors of the rainbow (ROYGBIV) is associated with the different chakras which govern the endocrine system, which in turn influences the nervous system.
    chakrasYou can see from this diagram that yellow is associated with the solar plexus.  This is where the hernia begins on a very deep level.  The problems for many begins right in their gut. Many of the stresses of life and pressures of work affect them on a gut level.  Most of this occurs unconsciously; hence, the challenge is to become conscious of these influences so that they can be identified and neutralized.
    In the meantime we use color therapy as a way of compensating for the inevitable imbalances that slowly become the new normal.  When the solar plexus chakra is kept in the state of perpetual imbalance, it will ultimately translate to the many digestive ailments that are described on this website.  When these become chronic conditions, many will cause constipation, both acute and chronic.
    By eating yellow foods, drinking special yellow water, wearing yellow clothes, improvising a yellow hernia belt, etc. the individual is able to receive a daily dose of “yellow medicine” that will positively affect the solar plexus chakra. The Coach even wore yellow-tinted work glasses whenever doing yard work.  Try it and see your state become elevated in a blink of an eye.
    There are other colors which can also be helpful such as orange and red.  You can see from the chart where these chakras are located in relation to the inguinal hernia.  Therefore, it’s very good to eat a lot of red and orange foods. The Coach ate lots of oranges, bananas, plantains, mangoes, papaya, pineapples and yellow squash, as well as drank a lot of freshly squeezed grapefruit juice.  He also wore clothing that was fiery red, orange and yellow. In this way the digestive fire was kept burning brightly; for it is when the agni (digestive fire) starts to dim that the digestive capacity begins to wane.  This is another reason why you shouldn’t ever drink ice water or cold water.  Drinking too much water or other cold beverages throughout the course of the day is strictly verboten when doing this program.
    Attention All Hernia Sufferers: Don’t Drink Cold Water Or Too Much Water!
  25. RISK PROFILE — Determining your general risk profile is an integral part of any hernia self-treatment plan. For instance, if there is a long family history of inguinal hernias, this indicates a genetic predisposition which ought to be addressed by taking the appropriate preventative measures. What follows is a fairly representative list of some of the major hernia causes for many folks.
    Causes of hernia
    There are different causes of hernia for different people. Some of the common causes and people who are at risk of getting hernia are:
    • People who have persistent cough
    • People who are overweight
    • Hernia may also occur in pregnant women
    • People who suffer from chronic constipation and have to strain a lot while passing stool
    • Inguinal hernias occur mostly in men and umbilical hernias occur mostly in women
    • Babies can also get hernia due to weakness of the abdominal wall
    • It is more common in people who have family history of hernia
    • People suffering from ascites may also have hernia
    • Heavy lifting can also lead to hernia
    • People who do not eat a well-balanced diet may have hernia due to weakness of the abdominal muscles


∞                              ∞                                ∞                                ∞                               ∞                                ∞



There is perhaps no greater service you can perform to yourself than offering prayer to the Higher Power.  Whoever you pray to in the Universe, it is essential to ask for divine assistance.  Hernias, as everyone knows, can be very difficult to heal, particularly in our complex and challenging age.  The day-to-day demands of life are many and increasing by the month.  Hence, we can all use some divine intervention.
Prayers of gratitude and supplication are the best ways to receive the necessary grace and blessings.  And believe The Hernia Coach, healing a hernia is no walk in the park.  Actually, it can be if the individual is fortunate enough to learn what to do and what not to do FOR HIS UNIQUE HERNIA.  That comes only with grace; and grace comes with humility and prayer.
The very best source of knowledge in this process is your own Higher SELF.  You have all the answers to what really ails you and how to fix it—permanently.  The secret is to tap into this knowledge of the SELF.  In this way The Hernia Coach will help you tap into the divine wisdom which we all have access to.
As for the wise counsel that you will find on the Internet, we must caution you.  There are a few very good websites, like The Hernia Bible, which are good sources of high integrity information. The Hernia Coach was inspired and validated by that excellent website and referred to it often. There are other websites which are not well thought out, although well-intentioned.  Then there are health platforms which mechanically repeat information as though one shoe size fits everyone. Especially because of different hernia causation and etiology, physiology and biochemistry, this kind of advice-taking must be very carefully considered.
This is precisely why prayer is so necessary — to be led to and guided by the best sources of knowledge and wisdom, information and instruction.  Truly, there is nothing more critical to effectuating an enduring hernia cure than to receive expert consultation and counseling. Only the fully baked knowledge and advice from one who has walked down this road can show the pitfalls and obstacles which have discouraged many.  Now everyone has access to the ways of overcoming those obstacles and avoiding the unnecessary pitfalls by consulting reliable sources of information on the Internet or by seeking the carefully considered advice of a broad-based health coach. The Health Coach
Which brings us to the true function of The Hernia Coach. The Coach has a central purpose of addressing your unique inguinal hernia.  Therefore, for those who wish to receive the benefit of his knowledge and experience, it is best to first school yourself as much as possible.  In this way the first coaching session on the phone can be used to address those causes and cofactors which need to be immediately eliminated.  Likewise, that first session can be used to share the most appropriate proactive measures which can decrease intense pain and/or reduce the hernia further.The key point here is that the better informed you are, and the more aware you are of the causes/cofactors of your hernia, the productive your coaching sessions will be.
Therefore, the best way to spend you time initially is too read the posts on this website.  Every post is quite purposeful and will provide aid as you proceed down your healing path.  Many of the links embedded in these posts are likewise put there with great purpose and may be useful at some point of your healing journey.
SECRET To Healing the Hernia:
“God helps those who help themselves”.  Ergo, the best thing that one can do to put the odds in their favor to experiencing a durable cure is to get with the program.  How to do that? By doing as many things right, and as few things wrong, as one can comfortably do. The more initiative that is taken to follow the program outlined above, the more the Universe will conform itself to meet your needs.  There’s nothing like having the Higher Power assist one in their efforts.


Each of these “25 Things To and No Do” will be taken up in a dedicated Hernia Coaching Letter.  In those future sessions we will go into much greater detail and address many of the questions and concerns which many have expressed during their coaching sessions.  In the meantime we suggest that each person do their best with putting this information into practice.

This 2nd Coaching Letter together with the first two posts linked at the top of this post practically constitute a small ebook which can function as a manual of sorts.  These 3 represent the distillation of a 6 year quasi-clinical trial which produced some indisputable results and undeniable success. Other healthcare professionals are producing similar bodies of wisdom in their own ways.  The Internet has now become a great repository of information and experience that serves as a massive database.  That is where we were able to find (i) much of the ancient wisdom which confirmed our methods; (ii) the forgotten naturopathic treatments; and (iii) the common sense approach to healing injuries.

In the end, it was the day-to-day practical application of our new learning and frequent realizations which made all the difference.  The successes, both large and small, then proved that hernias would heal naturally by using a truly holistic approach.  We welcome everyone to try whatever you can.  There’s no need to fret about doing everything at once.  Taking it one day at a time is a very good approach.  And, remember, every journey starts with a first step.

Special Message from The Hernia Coach:
Anyone who requires focused hernia coaching can email us at:

We have various coaching arrangements, on a strictly donation basis, that ought to meet everyone’s needs.

May you enjoy excellent health!

The Hernia Coach
January 20, 2016

Questions & Comments

We have one post on this website that is open for submitting questions, comments and concerns. Please feel free to take advantage of it.   Questions & Comments Section For The Hernia Coach

Coach’s Note

This letter has purposefully left off a most significant aspect of hernia development which concerns the toxicity buildup and the low-grade infections which almost always occur at the hernia site.[2] This predicament alone afflicts the vast majority of hernia sufferers but is routinely neglected by the medical community. Because it is so important, the next Coaching Letter will focus only on this topic.  In the meantime a therapeutic dose of Olive Leaf (once or twice a day) and some BAC-HP[3] may help keep the presenting symptoms of a low-grade infection at bay.

Also, please read this compelling coaching session: Multi-Infection Syndromes: Scourge Of The New Millennium.  To some extent, every hernia has been caused by the ever-intensifying degradation of the ambient environment and ensuing public health disaster.  That’s because the chemical/toxin profile of every human body will reflect the local environmental profile to a substantial degree. There is no stopping the pollutants from getting into our bodies nowadays; therefore, it’s become all the more necessary for some of us to take a more aggressive detoxification approach.  For more info, please see the various detox programs and organ cleanses posted on this website.

Special Note:

This coaching session is also applicable to the other hernias which are shown in the graphic below. While there are some major differences in the dynamic development, involved physiology and causative factors of these different ruptures, they do have a common root cause.  When correctly understood and properly addressed, that cause can be eliminated which can then be reflected in a spontaneous healing.



[1] How To Drink Your Food And Chew Your Beverages

[2] Hyper-Toxicity Syndrome: The Human Body Has Become Polluted

[3]  BAC-HP BioActive Nutritional: High potency homeopathic remedy for stimulation of the body’s
detoxification against bacterial organisms and toxins.

[4] Ayurvedic Recommendations For Hernia

[5] Attention All Hernia Sufferers: Don’t Drink Cold Water Or Too Much Water!


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