Overcoming Our Addictions: Challenge of a Lifetime(s)

Let’s face it, there’s nothing more challenging in life than breaking an addiction. It is the ultimate Sisyphean task! Anyone who is successful in permanently eradicating an addictive habit truly deserves an Olympic Gold Medal. So, how do we do it?  

Best Recommendation:
Two ways, my friend. And both are required simultaneously to pull it off. In yoga these are known as the two wings of the bird which are required for it to fly … and soar into a new way of being. One wing is grace; the other is self effort.

When we truly humble ourselves and ask for grace, the Lord responds with the most healing power in the universe –> COMPASSION. Gotta have this to succeed; no ifs, ands, or buts. Therefore, it might be time to put your hands together and pray … HARD! And, with sincere intention and genuine humility. Remember, the bird can’t fly without this wing flapping … enthusiastically!

Then there is self effort, which can take many forms and which you probably already know much more than us as it relates to your own hard-fought addiction. There are myriad ways to address addictions as we read in all the self help books; however there is one technique that we recommend in every single case. Here it is:

During your process of transitioning away from a destructive habit, food, drug, activity, obsession, etc., think about a positive, wholesome replacement habit, food, drug or obsession. For instance, whenever we take away a food from a client who is sickened or imbalanced by eating it, we ALWAYS replace it with something. We are quite deliberate about not leaving the client hanging after we have just swiped their lifelong comfort food. In fact, we suggest a substitute food with similar qualities without any of the negatives for intake while they weans themselves off the offending one. We do this every single time.

This little self-help strategy can really work like a charm. Be creative and come up with the most benign, nurturing and life-affirming replacements/substitutes that you can imagine. For example, if you engage in super-dangerous thrill stunts being addicted to that kind of high, replace it with the thrill of meditation – a far superior form of BLISS (and with no threat of a parachute not opening).

In the case of the infamous and epidemic sugar addiction, we started with sweet fruits, raw honey, organic maple syrup and molasses to get away from pure white, refined sugar. At other times we segued over to organic homemade jellies and jams, carob chips and healthy licorice. Lots of alternatives out there, you just have to be creative, resourceful and determined, yes?

Remember, there are some very holistic, healthful and wholesome highs out there. For instance, if we were addicted to yelling and screaming all the time, as many seem to be these days (It’s known as a symptom of Endtime Madness Syndrome.), we would instead go to the church, the temple, the mosque or in-house altar and simply ‘sing our brains out’ or better yet, chant ’til our heart’s content. There are those very wise spiritual masters from India who have said that “chanting is the best therapy”.

We sincerely hope that these tools and tricks of the trade help. Of all the experiences which make up the human condition, perhaps none is so challenging as wrestling with our addictions. Honestly, we can think of no more formidable an undertaking than ridding ourselves of these multi-incarnational negative habits and addictions. Therefore, we offer our best wishes to all who embark on this greatest of healing journeys.

May you enjoy great health!
The Health Coach

Special Intention:
We always offer many blessings and prayers to those who are challenged by the BIG “4”.
Both drug and alcohol, as well as nicotine and caffeine, are all extremely challenging addictions. Each of these have greatly proliferated throughout societies everywhere, because of the ever-increasing stresses and pressures of modern day living.
Please know, and don’t underestimate, that:
The different suggestions put forth in this short coaching session can be particularly effective in dealing with these BIG “4”. So, take the help of these simple yet very powerful practices, which will yield results when performed with faith, discipline and sincerity.

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