Is Your Pet Over-Medicated? Therapy Collars Make Much More Sense

We all love our pets! We only seek to cure what ails them and relieve them of any pain of suffering.

This is where the problem begins. And especially where we have given our power over to the Veterinarian Medical Establishment to a point where we have unwittingly let our pets down.

Pets can’t talk, but they really do, don’t they? Every pet owner we know can communicate with his dog or cat in ways that the Vet would never believe or acknowledge. Perhaps it’s about time we started conversing with our beloved animal friends in a way that respects their wishes.

What are we talking about?  

Vets are ‘MDs’, too.

Every time you bring your pet to the Vet, there is an occasion for another round(s) of medicine to be prescribed. The pharmaceutical prescriptions may be perfectly in order. However, it may also be overkill, or not even appropriate to the condition, illness or injury. The animal and the Vet cannot exchange the typical information which ordinarily takes place between a human and their doctor, can they?

Who knows what a pet might tell the Vet if he/she could speak. Most would probably say, “Enough is enough of all the meds, Doc!”

While it’s true that we only want what’s best for our puppy or kitty, it’s very easy for something else to occur. Plenty of animal meds are foisted on our pets who have no say in the matter. These medications are every bit as powerful as those for human beings and ought to be viewed as options of the last resort.

For sure, animals are immensely more intuitive and more in touch with what ails them as well as what will heal them. Therefore it’s up to the owner to communicate in all the ways that we can with the little guy or gal.

Since their food and drinks (supermarket pet food) are by far the number one source of their physical problems, we can always start in that area to ferret out the cause of a sickness or uncharacteristic behavior.

Therapy Collars Make Much More Sense

There’s something else we can do as well. Energy medicine is all the rage these days within the realm of human healing. It’s also a growing area of study and application in the arena of animal health. It actually makes much more sense for animals for all the reasons we have discussed herein. Why?

If you suspect that flees or ticks may be a problem with “Spot” or “Tomcat”, but haven’t been able to determine conclusively, all you have to do is put a Therapy Collar on them for a week, or two, or however long it’s recommended given the intractability of the case.

No internal medication with all those awful unintended consequences, no flea powders, no insect growth regulators like pyriproxyfen, no nitenpyram with toxic side effects ….
Boy, will that make Tuxedo happy!

The Therapy Collar of tomorrow will undoubtedly replace so much of what we throw down the gullets of these poor little creatures who adversely react in ways that we are usually unaware of. This same form of energy medicine has been used successfully with the human folks for many years with extraordinary success.

What is particularly attractive about this holistic and natural approach is that there are no pills or potions, powders or lotions. What’s in most of that stuff anyway?! If the animal food industry standards provide any indication, it ain’t good. Ain’t good at all!

From all our research over the years, it is undeniable that much of what goes into many pet foods is quite questionable and not very healthy. The industry knows that it can get away with very loose standards, and so it does to the great detriment of pet health wherever the stuff is sold. Yes, there are a few good brands out there, but one has to really do their research to know which ones are wholesome.

Until we are able to identify the truly healthy and wholesome pet foods, the trips to and from the Vet will never cease. True, there are other reasons for the ill health of our pets, but even those almost always find their root causes in the daily animal diet.

Again, this is where the therapy collar approach will come in very handy. Much of the guesswork can be removed from the process of always trying to figure it out. Does the cat have a cold, is it a seasonal allergy or maybe ‘hayfever’, or did the dog just eat something he’s allergic to???

Questions like these inevitably come up which are often difficult to answer with certainty. Using a therapy collar may very well address all three issues because they work on a much deeper energetic level, correcting the imbalances which give rise to the symptoms in the first place.

The real advantage of the therapy collar approach is that it eliminates all of the expenses associated with driving to the Vet office, buying the scrips, driving back home, and then wondering if poor Felix is going to have a bad reaction to the meds. How many times do we then start the process all over again? There goes more time … money … energy … gas … and opportunities to help our pet heal.

Honestly, we know more people who spend more time at the Vet than with their own doctor — actually that’s not a bad thing at all, just illustrative of the ever-increasing amount of resources that we are used to handing over to accommodate the dictates of the Veterinarian Establishment.

Is that where we want to be in this age of the time crunch and universally experienced “spare time compression”? We don’t think so. Nor do Ozzie and Belle!

Might be time to start thinking outside the box where it concerns the health and wellness of our little doggy or kitty. They will certainly appreciate it. And so will we, knowing that we have spared them unnecessary discomfort or pain or malaise of whatever kind.

May your precious pets enjoy great health!
The Health Coach

Author’s Note:
I think we can all agree that most veterinarians truly love animals and want what’s best for them! We need to keep in mind that veterinarians have only had various drugs and pharmaceutical medications to work with up to this point. Therefore, this might be a good time to educate your Vet. Bring them some samples of therapy collars and let them try those that produce immediate and positive results. There’s nothing like first hand experience, as we have seen time and again.

Great Resource: is the first of it’s kind on the internet, and therefore a great place to start researching the efficacy of energy medicine for your pets.
Their home page presents their philosophy and mission as follows:
“Our mission is to help animals NATURALLY without drugs, chemicals, herbs, or magnets. NOTHING goes into the animal’s body. We feel that the technology used in our Therapy Collars will help pave the way to the future of natural animal care.”


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