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home remedies for ganglion cysts

Natural Home Remedies For Ganglion Cysts

ganglion cyst is a ball of fluid that develops in between the sheaths of tendons and tissue. The size of the cyst can vary from very small and unnoticeable to the size of a 1-2 inch marble. When observing on a person, it can appear like a tumor sticking out of your skin. In some cases, multiple ganglions can appear like little lumps in one area. They can be removed surgically. However, there are also 4 natural home remedies to treat ganglion cysts.

What Causes a Ganglion Cyst?

The medical research regarding ganglion cysts is not thoroughly researched compared to other skin and connective tissue disorders. At the moment, there is no current known cause of ganglion cysts. However, there is numerous evidence to suggest that ganglion cysts develop due to weakness or dysfunctional valves from joints which leak synovial fluid in between the tendon sheaths that connect to the joint. That is, the joints leak fluid in between the sheaths of the tendon.

This leak may be also due to injury or inflammation of the joint due to excessive overuse in the case of repetitive stress injury or arthritis. In rare cases, trauma can trigger ganglion cysts in which a joint has been damaged, for instance by a direct blow to the joint.

Ganglions can cause pain, but in some people, it does not. Ganglions can irritate tissue, muscle, and tendons surrounding the cyst. In some cases, the cyst can be inflamed causing constant ache and stiffness around that area.

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Where Do Ganglion Cysts Occur?

It can occur anywhere in the body in tendons near a joint, but most commonly it can be found in the fingers, wrists, and feet. Ganglion cysts extend from the joints (which cannot be seen) and pop out from the skin near the tendon. If you were to remove a ganglion cyst, the ganglion cyst will have a small trail originating from the joint and then suddenly on the surface of the tendon, a ball of fluid or cyst will pop out.

What Are The Other Symptoms Of a Ganglion Cyst?

Muscle weakness is one of the primary symptoms of ganglion cysts. This is because the cyst interferes with the movement and gliding of tendons and muscles. The cysts act like a friction brake causing inefficiency in muscle function.

The stiffness of the joints is the other common of ganglion cysts. In some cases, the stiffness can severely affect joint mobility such that you can hear the joints crack and pop on movement or even appear deformed/arthritis.

In some cases, some people have no symptoms at all, it’s just the appearance can cause some concern. Up to 40 to 50 percent of cases, ganglion cysts can disappear by itself with no treatment. However, it is 10 to 15 percent chance they reoccur or come back again.

The 4 Natural Home Remedies For Ganglion Cysts

  1. Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera home remedy for ganglion cysts

Everyone knows how Aloe Vera is beneficial and that it has excellent anti-inflammatory effects. Aloe Vera can also be used for the treatment of ganglion cysts. This plant is beneficial since it reduces pain and swelling. To start the treatment process, extract the gel from the leaves of the aloe vera plant and apply it to the problem area. Leave the gel work for about twenty minutes and then wash it with warm water. Repeat this two or three times a day for at least three days.

  1. Arnica Oil

Arnica Oil home remedies for ganglion cysts

Arnica oil is an effective anti-inflammatory compound that can easily reduce pain and inflammation caused by cysts. It can also improve blood flow and speed up the healing process. Take a little arnica oil and mix with coconut oil in equal amounts, apply the mixture over the cysts and rub gently. Cover the area with a bandage at the end. Repeat the process twice a day, for 3 days.

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  1. Black Tea

Black Tea natural remedy for ganglion cysts

Black tea is acidic in nature and helps in the healing of ganglion cysts. On the other hand, you can stop your growth and discomfort.

Black tea is known to have strong anti-inflammatory effects, which means it also has the ability to relieve pain and swelling. If you decide to use black tea, you first need to absorb a bag of black tea in some boiled water for almost five minutes.

Then take out the bag, squeeze it well and place it directly on the problem area, while the bag is still wet and warm. Let the bag stay on for about ten minutes. Repeat this three to four times a day for at least three days.

  1. Epsom Salt

Epsom Salt natural remedies for ganglion cysts

This ingredient has numerous uses, one of them being the healing and reduction of ganglionic cysts in a matter of days. Epsom salt has the ability to relieve the inflammation and pain associated with this health problem. You should just pour a tablespoon of Epsom salt into two cups of warm water and the only recourse is made.

Next, immerse the problem area in this solution and keep it there for half an hour. Repeat this procedure every day for at least four days.

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How To Prevent Ganglion Cysts

Ganglion cysts can be prevented with directed relaxation exercises. This is especially applicable if you work a lot on the computer or perform other activities that affect the tension of the joints: the ganglion is produced mainly by the fact that the affected joint (above the wrist) is overloaded, and physical activity the muscles are tense. Therefore, it is important to have enough possibilities to relax again through specific stretching exercises.