16 Home Remedies and Natural Cure of Tinnitus



Archive of best home remedies and natural cures for tinnituts. Tinnitus treatment at home with alternative home remedies

Tinnitus (Hyperacusis) is characterized by ringing and other unpleasant noises in the ears. The sound may be constant or intermittent and can vary widely, from mild ringing to loud buzzing sounds in the ear. In extreme cases, tinnitus can have drastic effects on the patient’s sleep and concentration.

Causes of Tinnitus

The exact causes of tinnitus may vary from person to person. There are multiple
hypotheses that try to explain this phenomena. Some of the possible causes of tinnitus include:

Defects of the auditory system:

Tinnitus noises (ringing, buzzing) that originate in the ear are most often caused by
defects in the auditory system. Some common defects include:

  • Pressure differences in the cavities of the inner ear.
  • Lesions of the inner ear and nerve endings
  • Nervous imbalance of the jaw or spine, hyperacusis
  • Inflammatory, circulatory or muscular tension
  • Imbalances of the Jaw and teeth (malocclusion, TMJ, bruxism, SADAM)
  • Imbalances of the cervical vertebrae
  • Damage to the auditory nerve caused by normal aging
  • Invasion of inner ear by external particles

Another possible defect involves excess secretion of glutamate in the ears.Glutamate is a chemical released by the auditory hair cells which causes toxic microscopic lesions in the tissue. This results in hyperactivity of the auditory nerve which tends to amplify all sounds which would otherwise be inaudible.

Physiological origin : Ringing in ears is caused by physiological factors like traumatic shock caused to the ears by sudden loud noises, consistent noise pollution, stress, nervous tension, fatigue, low or high blood pressure, digestive disorders, constipation, sleep disorders, deprivation, muscle inflammation, neck injury, head injuries, circulatory disorders, kidney disorders (diabetes), liver disorders or intoxication. As per this school of thought, these physiological imbalances induce an impairment of the auditory system and result in tinnitus

Neurological origin : As per this school, tinnitus has a strong neuronal origin. In response to sudden excessive noise or in reaction to stress, the brain attaches an exaggerated importance to the background noise and lesser importance to the loud noise, in order to protect the auditory system from damages. This receptiveness of the brain tends to linger for a longer time. Researchers have also found that many tinnitus patients show an abnormal excitation of neurons in the auditory cortex area of the brain.

Excessive amounts of stress can interfere with normal body chemistry and may cause tinnitus.

Home remedies and Natural Cure of Tinnitus

As with any other disorder, cure for tinnitus begins with correct diagnosis of the underlying cause.If for instance tinnitus is caused by obstruction or presence of foreign particles, a simple cleaning of ears may be sufficient to relieve symptoms of tinnitus. If tinnitus is caused due to physiological defects, it may require certain cardio logical exercises or scalpel
intervention to get rid of tinnitus.ear buds

If tinnitus has a psychological origin, tinnitus treatment would involve a psychological intervention. Tinnitus with neurological origin cannot be treated on-the-go as brain needs some time to restore its receptiveness to normal.

If diabetes or high blood pressure is the cause of tinnitus, treatment must be aimed at curbing or regulating the disease.

However, not every one is fortunate enough to diagnose the exact cause of tinnitus. In many cases, tinnitus can be triggered by multiple co-existing factors. It is therefore
advised to try out a combination of home remedies for tinnitus.

holistic Tinnitus treatment requires a three pronged attack involving:

  • Dietary /lifestyle changes to address nutritional deficiencies that causes Tinnitus
  • Exercises to rectify any possible physical cause of tinnitus
  • Relaxation exercises to rectify any possible neurological cause of tinnitus.


1) Food to naturally cure tinnitus

Some foods may have the effect of increasing the intensity of tinnitus while others help alleviate the symptoms of tinnitus.

Adopting good and healthy eating habits helps address those nutritional deficiencies that cause tinnitus. Adequate intake of protein, vitamins A, E, B, zinc and chlorine are of particular importance in combating tinnitus.

In general the following foods have been found to be effective in alleviating symptoms of tinnitus.

ginko biloba

1) Ginkgo biloba: . Ginkgo biloba is one of the most effective home remedy for tinnitus which is caused due to vascular disorders in the auditory system. Ginkgo improves blood circulation in the capillaries in the auditory system and skull which helps in naturally curing tinnitus. Ginkgo extract (120-150 mg per day) can be taken up to thrice a day for best results.


2) Food rich in Cobalamin (Vitamin B12): Several researches have found strong positive correlation between tinnitus (and other auditory disorders) and deficiency of Vitamin B1. Administration of vitamin B12 has been found beneficial in allaying the symptoms of tinnitus. Beef, cheese, clams, crabs, eggs, liver, lobster, mutton, mussels, oysters, fish and fish eggs are rich sources of Vitamin B12


pumpkin seed

3) Foods rich in Zinc: .Researchers have found a high degree of correlation between zinc deficiency and occurrence of tinnitus. A healthy adult requires 15mg of daily zinc intake.Adding zinc supplements helps alleviate symptoms of tinnitus in a large number of cases. Food rich in zinc include oysters, liver, lamb mutton, sesame seeds, watermelon seeds, roasted beef, pumpkin seeds and squash seeds.

sesame seed

4) Sesame seeds: Sesame seeds is rich in zinc and has been used in oriental and eastern medicine systems for the treatment of tinnitus.

5) Black cohosh (Actaea racemosa): Clinical trials on Black Cohosh have proved it to be effective in alleviating symptoms of tinnitus. A decoction prepared by boiling 3 ml of tincture, or one teaspoon of black cohosh root in water can be taken up to twice daily for relief from tinnitus.


6) Goldenseal: Goldenseal contains an alkaloid named berberine which has healing properties beneficial in healing lesions in the inner ear.


7) Other herbs for Tinnitus: Castor Oil, Coptis, Horsetail, Mistletoe tea, Onion Juice, Passion flower, Plantain, Ramson juice (if tinnitus is caused by constipation), Rhubarb, Spinach, Sunflower Seeds, Fenugreek Seed Tea,Lesser Periwinkle (Vinca minor), Valerian Root, Hawthorn, burdock root and gum myrrh are commonly used herbs for treatment of tinnitus.

Tinnitus: Foods to avoid

1) Reduce Salt Intake: Excess salt is known to promote water retention in the body. This increases blood flow to the ears and creates pressure on the auditory system. This is known to aggravate ringing in the ears. On the contrary, reducing salt intake helps is reducing intensity of tinnitus.

2)Avoid Fats: Avoid or eliminate foods that increase cholesterol. Food like fatty meats, egg yolks, sausages, butter, oil or margarine based hydrogenated oil. Replace it with oils rich in omega-6, linoleic acid and other unsaturated fats.

3) Identify and avoid allergens: Allergies to certain foods can cause tinnitus. Food like avocado, chocolate, milk, cheese, soybeans, ripe bananas and some citrus fruits are common allergens that cause tinnitus. Notice your food which resulted in worsening of symptoms and avoid them.

4) Avoid Stimulants: Stimulants like alcohol, tea, coffee and cigarettes exacerbate the sensitivity of auditory nerves resulting in increased sensitivity and ringing of ears.



Atherosclerosis and hypertension are two most common causes of tinnitus. Researches have proved that regular cardiovascular exercise decreases the intensity of tinnitus. A list of exercises beneficial in tinnitus are listed hereunder. In general any exercise that gets blood pumping is beneficial in treatment of tinnitus

Tinnitus exercise #1: Sit upright and bow your head to the front so that the chin comes in contact with your chest. Intertwine fingers of your hands and keep it at the back of your head. Pull your head back while letting your intertwined hands oppose this rear movement. Don’t over exert. Repeat this 3-5 times twice a day to relax your entire spinal chord. This exercise is a very effective home remedy for tinnitus.

Tinnitus Exercise #2: Without exerting too much, open your jaws as wide as possible. With jaws wide open, touch the roof of mouth with the tip of your tongue. Move the tongue tip in backward direction (toward your tonsils), while it touches the roof of the mouth. Hold for few seconds. Next pull your tongue out of your mouth and stretch it the maximum. Hold for few seconds. Repeat 4-5 times.

Tinnitus Exercise #3 Sit in an upright posture and move your chin up and down for around 20 times. Stop and then move your chin in a side to side movement for another 20 times. Repeat thrice. Do not stretch too hard or you may sprain your neck.

Tinnitus Exercise # 4 Stand facing a mirror. Support your chin with both hands and open your mouth wide. Touch the inside top of your mouth with the tip of your tongue and do a slow up-down movement of your jaws. Provide slight resistance to your moving jaws with your hands. Do this for one minute in each sitting and repeat up to three times a day

Tinnitus exercises #5: Sit in an upright position and open your jaws wide but in a relaxed position. Now with mouth wide open, lift your heads to the back to point your brow to the skies. Take deep breath and exhale slowly. Come back to the starting posture and repeat.

Other recommendations

Tinnitus patients are often tempted to isolate themselves from the surrounding noise by wearing earplugs. This practice should be discontinued, because although it may provide temporary relief, it ultimately leads to amplify the perception of sounds and thus increase hyperacusis.

Protecting ears with ear plugs or protective shells is advised only in high noise environments.