11 Unconventional Remedies That Cure Ringing Ears Fast


If your ear ringing has left you with sleepless nights and constant anxiety during the day, then read ahead to consider a new approach to treatment.

This combination of treatments for ringing ears can not only get rid of those constant sounds…

…but will also boost your body’s vitality, your mind’s sharpness, and your immune system’s fighting power!

Try these easy, powerful treatments to get rid of ringing in the ears.

  1. Ginkgo biloba extract – This natural supplement can improve blood circulation in the body, protect against cell damage, and can also help with memory and concentration. You can take this supplement in the form of a pill or as a powder. If you take ginkgo biloba as a powder, you can make curing your tinnitus a treat with this delicious smoothie.Here are some basic instructions:+ Chop up some of your favorite fruits. Fruits that work well in smoothies include apples, pears, melon, berries (blueberries, strawberries, blackberries), bananas, and oranges.
    + Then add two handfuls of spinach.
    + Mix in a splash of almond milk.
    + Add a pinch of ginkgo biloba powder as recommended and blend thoroughly.
    Click here for 5 tinnitus fighting smoothie recipes.
  2. Vitamins and minerals – The top supplements known to help with ringing ears are zinc, folic acid, melatonin, and vitamin B12. These can be easily found at your local natural or organic health food store. Although homeopathic treatments may not be effective for everyone in treating ear ringing, they are worth trying because the side effects are minimal. Look here for a 3 day tinnitus fighting diet plan.
  3. Reduce caffeine and salt intake – Sodas, coffee, and tea can be decreased or eliminated from the diet to help reduce ringing in the ears. Modifying your consumption of salt can also help reduce symptoms by decreasing your blood pressure. Again, improving blood circulation and blood flow can help those suffering with ringing in the ears.
  4. Reduce or quit smoking – Decreasing or eliminating nicotine can help cure ringing ears as nicotine can reduce blood flow to structures of the ear.
  5. Sound masking machines – These can be a cheap and effective way to change your environment in order to cure ringing ears. They can produce white noise or environmental sounds like wind blowing, dripping water, ocean waves, birds chirping. Although some may be in the form of a small machine, you can also get one to wear in the ear to mask the constant sounds.
  6. Hearing aids – If you have hearing loss in conjunction with tinnitus, your hearing aids can be effective in amplifying your current hearing and reducing the ringing sounds. Sound maskers can also be worn in the ear like a hearing aid device. See your audiologist or healthcare professional for more information and to get fitted for this device.
  7. Tinnitus retraining therapy – A healthcare professional will engage you in learning to change your focus from the nagging tinnitus to other, more neutral sounds. In addition to retraining your ears, you will learn to decrease your negative responses to the ringing sounds.
  8. Hypnosis – Some research shows that hypnosis can help cure ringing ears. When you are hypnotized, you are in a state of increased awareness and concentration. Hypnosis can help reduce stress and anxiety related to the constant ringing in the ears. A trained hypnotherapist will work with you on desensitization of the negative emotions related to tinnitus and refocusing away from that pestering noise.
  9. Acupuncture – Small needles inserted into different parts of the body can release toxins and reduce stress. This ancient technique has been found to reduce symptoms in some sufferers.
  10. Music therapy –  Playing instrumental music with even loudness has been shown to soothe systems in the body related to emotions and emotional processing which is tied to the negative feelings associated with ringing ears. Additionally, playing music tailored to the frequencies of the individual’s ear ringing can reduce the perceived loudness. Some programs even offer applications for the computer or phone so you can try this treatment at home.
  11. Support groups – Joining a support group is an effective way to speak to others battling similar problems and share what treatments have worked or have not worked for you. Sometimes, just speaking openly about your ringing ears can help you come to terms with the role it plays in your life. For others, it is an entryway into initiating treatment and starting the journey to find your cure for ear ringing.