PSORA MIASM: The “Mother of Chronic Disease.”

Psoric Miasm


Psora is the Greek word-meaning itch. Psoric miasm is the oldest, universal, highly devastating, and little known miasmatic, which has deformed and tormented nations for years.

Psora Miasm – The most common form of Miasm

As per Hahnemann, it is the most common form of the miasms and it affects every living thing on the earth. It is spreading from one person to be other through skin contact. Some common diseases attributed to the psoric miasm include constipation (or alternating with diarrhea), psoriasis, itching, burning, leprosy and other unhealthy skin related symptoms. It is characterizing by under functioning diseases (hypo).

Psora miasm is a disease or the susceptibility to a disease that has been carrying over from generation to generation for years. It provides favorable ground for several sickly conditions. Psoric is the most contagious and infectious disease of all.

The most common characteristic symptoms of psora are hypersensitivity (more sensitive) and lack (deficiency or absence).

Hypersensitive: Psoric individuals react more strongly than normal; more sensitive (to light, sound & smell), very observant, gets angry easily, cries easily, etc. That is a genuine expression of the feeling. Psoric can be a scientist or an artist.

Lack: Psoric individual has a deficiency than normal individuals; inadequacy, inferiority, relies on others, needs support, seeks protection, seeks care, seek sympathy, anxious, and scared easily.

The sense of inadequacy forces him to be fantasy; their rich inner world has to show as fantasy. During meeting instead of paying attention then spend time in daydreaming. Because of inferiority, they become stagnant and reserved. If there were no inferiority, they would be happier and contribute more to the society. Psoric’s sees the personality and never sees their partner as a sex object. The lack characteristics in the body are indicating as inadequate nourishment. They eat adequately still their body cannot be able to absorb the food. For example, lack of vitamin A cause’s dryness, which is a basic symptom of psoric miasm.

Psora Miasm’s property

  • Characteristic: Psora produces irritation, inflammation, and hypersensitivity.
  • Physical constitution: Psora tends to make the organism toxic, the skin unhealthy, and perverts the functions of the digestive and eliminative organs.
  • Temperament: Psoric is full of philosophical, pseudo-scientific, political, religious ideas. They are talkative, self-deceptive, self-expressive and may think them as genius yet seem foolish and impractical to others.
  • Pain: Psora is itchy, crawling, tickling, and burning.
  • Skin: Psora is dry, rough, and unhealthy. Every small injury is infected, and its lesions produce itchy discharges or scanty pus.

Hahnemann believed psora to be the cause of such diseases as epilepsy, cancer, jaundice, deafness, and cataracts.

Hahnemann lists of Psoric remedy’s

agar, alumina, ammon carb, ammon mur, anacardium, antimon crudum, arsen alb, aurum, aurum mur, bar carb, borax, calc carb, carbo an, carbo veg, caust, clem, colocynth, conium, cuprum, dig, dulc, euphorbium, graph, guaj, hepar, iodium, kali carb, lyc, mag carb, mag mur, manganum, mez, mur ac, nat carb, nat mur, nitric acid, nitrium, petroleum, phos, phos ac, platina, sars, sepia, silica, stannum, sulph, sulp ac, zincum.