The Occupational Dangers for Holistic Doctors and Alternative Health Professionals

The Health Coach

As many of you know The Health Coach is also a Hernia Coach, a Cancer Coach, a Morgellons Caoch, a Heart Disease Coach, among many others.

Because our approach is always holistic and natural whenever possible, we inevitably bump up against the medical professionals within these various specialties.

The fact of the matter is that our busiest specialty areas of health coaching are those listed above.  For instance, I do hernia coaching in all 24 time zones around the world such is the current epidemic of all sorts of hernias sustained by both men and women, boys and girls.

Because of this practice reality, we sometimes get into unsettling predicaments with the respective medical communities, particularly the surgeons.  The revenue streams involved with hernia, cancer and heart surgery are quite large and they simply do not want any competition.

Whenever the physicians perceive a threat to their income made from surgery, they historically react.  Any holistic health professional who pose a threat — real or otherwise — quickly become a target.   Especially here in Florida, many good holistic doctors have had their licenses removed by the state, falsely prosecuted for practicing medicine without a license, frivolously charged with IRS tax offenses, arrested for false sex abuse allegations, physically assaulted and seriously injured by anonymous thugs, and even murdered.  As follows:

Unintended Holistic Doctor Death Series: Over 90 Dead

Quite suspiciously, virtually all of the holistic doctors who have been killed were alone when they died.  A good number of these health and wellness heroes were quite obviously suicided.  The various circumstances surrounding their so-called suicides were just too implausible to be believed.  Really, how is a suicide committed with three bullets to the back of the head?! See: Holistic doctor dead of alleged suicide (#85)

The bottom line here is that being a holistic healthcare professional can be extremely dangerous.  And it’s not getting better, it’s becoming more risky.  As more folks wake up to the efficacy of natural cures and alternative healing approaches, they are leaving the medical reservation in droves.  This rapidly increasing dynamic only puts the holistic practitioners in even greater jeopardy.

For these and other reasons, I have chosen to conduct my various practices under the radar.  The less attention that we draw to ourselves the longer we will be available to serve our many clients and patients.

We very much appreciate everyone who respects our desire for word of mouth referrals only.  In this way, we have always been protected from those in the medical community who would feel that our work makes a dent in their surgical caseload.  Florida’s medical establishment is especially conservative and the wealthy elderly provide massive revenues for the aforementioned medical services.  Hence, we have to be very careful about how we coach, counsel and consult our clients both stateside and abroad.

The Hernia Coach once received a number of emails from hernia surgeons all of whom had received an email that contained a link to our website.  While the writer of that original email was only challenging those surgeons to consider other options to surgery, he actually created a hornet’s nest for us.  We are actually quite fortunate to still be doing hernia coaching in the aftermath of that extremely trying and difficult experience.

The Health Coach sincerely appreciates the discretion that all of our wonderful clients utilize where it concerns the sometimes sensitive interactions with their medical doctors WHERE IT RELATES TO OUR CONSULTATIVE SERVICES.

The docs do have a very important place in the healthcare delivery system worldwide, and we respect the roles they often play in saving lives and limbs.  Our part is a completely different one, yet no less important.  Nevertheless, we are compelled to operate with the utmost prudence and carefulness.  My wife, in particular, wants me to be here well into the future.  She has rightly pointed out that a muzzled Integrative Health Consultant (that’s what I really am) cannot be very effective.

Thank you all for your serious attention to this exceedingly important matter.

May you enjoy great health,
The Health Coach