Simple Measures to Prevent a Coronavirus Infection

Dear Concerned Human,

We’re thinking about what protective measures to do right now in view of a possible” global pandemic”; i t comes to mind that we are already in a pandemic, an unacknowledged pandemic.

We are already swamped with toxins; toxic foods and beverages, toxic air, toxic water, toxic land and toxic EMF, and more!  We can regain the Earth if we wish to; but strength is required along with Intention.

Taking this as a given, let us purify and build ourselves so we will remain energetic and full of Life Force in order to regain our Earth as a healthy place for us all. We have a Natural Right to Life—a Healthy Life!

Here are some simple body-strengthening and protecting suggestions:

*** VITAMIN C — Non-GMO only — a basic protector

*** VITAMIN D first from the sun, second from the diet, third from supplementation

*** OREGANO Oil  —  Antibacterial antiviral anti fungal

*** Nascent liquid IODINE major essential support, help fight infections

*** COLLOIDAL SILVER — ‘Sovereign Silver” is a good brand, a broad spectrum antibiotic

*** MAGNESIUM increases alkalinity and voltage, anti-stress, help sleep

Dietary Recommendations

• INCREASE Vegetables
• REDUCE Grains that aren’t organic, usually full of glyphosate and arsenic
• ELIMINATE all Wheat products
• INCREASE Greens, try growing micro-greens (see the High Mowing Catalog for seeds)

*Read about small farming plots and get started growing and getting OFF
the food grid.  An inspiring book ‘Miraculous Abundance’ by Herve Gruyer
about a couple who grew a lot on one quarter acre.

Many books by Chelsea Green Publisher on family size farming/gardening

TO Reduce or Eliminate: WIFI, Microwave Ovens , TV, all wireless electronics….